February 11

youtube movie adsSuper Bowl commercials The five best and worst ads from Sundays game

While football ns had a thrilling and somewhat maddening game to enjoy on Sunday night, those who were more interested in the big game ads also had a lot to talk about.

TheGiantsmay have had a rough season this year, but they had a great showing in the Super Bowl even if they didnt make the playoffs. This ad starringEli ManningandOdell Beckhamwas one of the nights best. The Giants are great at coming up with big performances in Super Bowls that thePatriotslose, asThe New York Postcouldnt help but point out on Monday.

For Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis, a second TV commercial cost, on average, more than million. You read that Five million dollars.

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For the eleventh year, we saw ns turned toYouTube AdBlitzto watch, share, and cheer for their vorite ads and big game videos before, during, and after the game. Here are the top viewed ads on game day, and some of peoples vorite so r

The director forgot to account for the end of the Super Bowl

Alexa Loses Her Voice Amazon Super Bowl LII Commercial

Of course, just like theres always a winner and loser on the field, theres also typically winners and losers off of it. Not every marketing department strikes it rich with their ambitious Super Bowl ads, and sometimes bold approaches can backfire tremendously. Its a gamble.

The Patriots offensive coordinator might not ever get promoted to head coach

Justin Timberlakes music on YouTube peaked at over , views per hour in the US during the game. Thats nearly higher than his hoy average last Sunday.

Rather that focus on promoting their vehicles, Toyota instead chose to spotlight Canadian alpine skier Lauren Woolstencroft, an eighttime Paralympic gold medalist who was born missing a portion of her left arm and both legs below the knees. Its a pretty ntastic spot that places a focus on beating the odds through perseverance and hard work, and it will undoubtedly get more play during the upcoming Olympics, as Toyota is an official partner of the Games.

Hyundai decided not to feature any of their cars in Sundays Super Bowl ad. Instead, the company put a focus on their efforts to fund childhood cancer research and how buying a Hyundai can make an impact. The ad featured real Hyundai owners and real cancer survivors meeting each other, which probably was heartwarming for plenty of viewers. However, it felt a little uxsentimental watching the survivors being used as props to praise heroes just because they bought a Hyundai. In turn, it also sort of felt like the company was saying that if you didnt drive a Hyundai, youre an antihero actively working against cancer research, which is pretty uncomforle. Props to Hyundai for doing their part to fund research, but this felt like a really hollow way of patting themselves on the back.

Solo A Star Wars Story Big Game TV Spot

Marvel Studios Avengers Infinity War Big Game Spot

This years Febreze ad goes hard in the Bathroom Humor department. Its about pooping. For an ad about stuff not stinking, it sure did stink.

A running back in Pittsburgh just got a longterm deal, but it wasnt Bell

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Westworld Season Official Super Bowl Ad HBO

Tom Clancys Jack Ryan Super Bowl Commercial [HD] Prime Video

The NFL, Amazon, Tide and Budweiser nailed it on Super Bowl Sunday, but that Ram ad? Terrible

Super Bowl commercials The five best and worst ads from Sundays game

Super Bowl commercials The five best and worst ads from Sundays game

Most of America didnt get to see this Super Bowl commercial

Amazon brought plenty of star power for their Super Bowl commercial promoting Alexa. In addition to Jeff Bezos, the companys superrich founder and CEO, it also features a wellrounded sle of recognizable celebrities like Gordon Ramsay, Cardi B, Rebel Wilson and Anthony Hopkins. The ad imagines the companys efforts to find a replacement if Alexa ever lost her voice, and it does so will pretty humorous results.

Budweiser went for the heartstrings with this ad about providing water to places across the United States that were impacted by natural disasters specifically Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and California. Skylar Greys cover of Ben E. Kings Stand By Me recorded specifically for the ad was a nice touch that ramped up the dramatic, emotional angle. According to Budweiser, their Cartersville, Ga. brewery has provided more than million cans of water for relief efforts since , including two million last year.

Viewership of Super Bowl ads on YouTube saw a increase in viewership year to date, with viewership on the living room increasing by .

So, which brands came away as winners and losers on Sunday night? Lets take a look at a handful of the best and worst ads to air nationally.

OMG someone overlayed that ridiculous Dodge/MLK ad with what King actually said about capitalism and car /IBmCyt

These are the mostviewed ads as based on Game day views as of pm PST

After the Super Bowl came to a close, Google shared some statistical insights into how the trends played out during the game. Here are some of their findings

Pepsi Generations This is the Pepsi Pepsi Extended

By virtue of being one of the single biggest sporting events each year, theSuper Bowlhas massive viewership which also makes it one of the top marketing opportunities for different brands. Advertising during the game has become something of a competition in itself, as companies often use whatever resources they have at their disposal to make a splash. Theyll often get the help of celebrities or use other strategies to get people talking about their brand.

Note Although a number of exciting and buzzworthy film trailers debuted during the game, we elected to classify commercials and trailers as two different s of advertising, so you wont find those movie previews on the winners losers lists. Sorry to all the Star Wars nerds, Marvel ns Jurassic Park crazies.

Groupon Super Bowl Commercial Who Wouldnt

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Kias second ad features Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler taking the new Kia Stinger for a spin and reversing all the way back to his younger self. After traveling backwards in time, Tyler steps out of the car to an onrushing crowd of adoring ns coming to greet him. It felt like Kia really wanted us all to be impressed by their CGI work to recreate a youthful Tyler, but the result was slightly horrifying. They probably shouldve learned from Henry Cavills mustache before sinking so much money and effort into this weird ad.

Top trending questions on Google during the Super Bowl

Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial Stand By You

If you watch the Super Bowl mainly for the new commercials, youre in the right place.

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Official Trailer [HD]

Bud Lights second Super Bowl spot is a continuation of the battle commercial that theyve been running in recent weeks. In it, the battle comes to a standstill when The Bud Knight shows up and carries out his mission. For better or for worse, the ad has a surprising lack of Dilly Dilly, the slogan which the beer company has pushed extremely hard this football season. Unfortunately, weve come to expect quite a lot when it comes to Bud Lights Super Bowl ads, and this one was very much underwhelming in the humor department.

David Harbour and Tide essentially ran away with the Super Bowl commercial competition and did so without needing to get dirty at all. Get it? Nailed that joke. Their campaign theme this year was to mimic stereotypical ads of almost every genre in an effort to promote clean, stainless clothes. It was a very good promotional campaign starring one of Americas most lovable current ther figures. As an added bonus, nobody ate any of those damn pods.

Ram Trucks ad featuring a Martin Luther King voiceover about the value of service was the most criticized spot of the night. Many people felt that it was a blatant commercial exploitation of the Civil Rights icon and given the current political and social climates in America that it was in poor taste. Although Ram insists that they worked with MLKs estate to receive approval for the ad, their spot also ignores the ct that, in a separate portion of the same speech, Dr. King warned about the deceptive tactics used by advertisers to get people to ll in line with a certain way of thinking.