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youtube movie adsYouTube punishes YouTube star Logan Paul again

youtube movie adsYouTube punishes YouTube star Logan Paul againYouTube has punished Logan Paul, one of the video sites biggest stars, again.

Its worth noting that another one of Pauls actions that bothered YouTube executives didnt happen on YouTube. Instead, theyre upset that he joked about the Tide Pod challenge to hisTwitterfollowers, via a nowdeleted tweet.

If you want to watch Paul tasering a rat, you can see it near the fiveminute mark of this clip, published February .

Up until this year Paul was one of YouTubes vorite stars, with more than million subscribers. But YouTube has also spent the last year fending off a series of controversies about inappropriate content on the site, and is trying to convince marketers that the site is a safe place for them to run their ads.

CNBCs parent NBCUniversal is an investor in Recodes parent Vox, and the companies have a content sharing arrangement. NBCUniversal is also aminority investor in Buzzfeed.

This time the worlds largest video site has temporarily turned off all of the ads in Pauls videos, for offenses that include tasering a rat in a YouTube video and promising, presumably in jest, to eat laundry detergent.

This time it has turned off all of his YouTube ads, for promoting the Tide Pod challenge and tasering a rat.

Earlier this year YouTube had previously reprimanded Paul for showing the body of a suicide victim, by taking him off its most lucrative advertising tier and scrapping a YouTubesponsored movie that was supposed to star Paul.

YouTube punishes YouTube star Logan Paul, again

After careful consideration, we have decided to temporarily suspend ads on Logan Pauls YouTube channels. This is not a decision we made lightly, however, we believe he has exhibited a pattern of behavior in his videos that makes his channel not only unsuile for advertisers, but also potentially damaging to the broader creator community.

Twitter made a profit by cutting costs, not by growing its business

February 11

youtube movie adsways to download YouTube videos

There are dozens of these websites out there. In ct, it seems that anybody with a knack for coding is setting up a video download website. From , GrabClip, SaveFrom, TubeOffline, FLVto and other ful names. With so much at stake, there is need to be suspicious. Dont ignore if your antivirus or browser flags the website.

If is what you need, then ConvertToAudio is what you should go for. Like its predecessor before, ConvertToAudio allows you to choose a file which is then downloaded in mp format

The most unique thing about this app other than the odd name is this it not only allows you to grab videos from YouTube, Facebook or those streaming on Netflix, it can rip DVDs. In addition to this, Any Video Converter allows you to do some editing.

Here is an interesting ct the developer of YouTubeByClick claims that he got inspiration from YTD. So dont be surprised by the striking resemblance/ features the two apps share. The app can be integrated into any web browser it easy to download your videos, in any preferred format.

Many of these websites try to get extra mileage by using a sly tactic. They allow you to copy the link of your vorite videos from YouTube then add a prefix so that the service takes over. Case in point change to m. In this case, VDYoutube takes over. This is just one example, some websites apply the same tactic in a different manner. For smooth downloads, avoid ad traps that look like a download link but arent.

Its available for use either as a free software or you can subscribe to a fee for more features. For instance, Softorino has a product Waltr for which subscribers pay . so that they can convert videos playing only on iOS iPhone, iPad. In this case, the user doesnt have to jailbreak their device or use iTunes. Cool, right?

The caveats Freemake will throw in some extras when you install it. For a start, you can opt to have a third party antivirus software installed and/ or make Yahoo the deult browser. Whether should trust Freemaker enough to install the antivirus software or not is a story for another day. As it is, Freemaker does a good job of downloading videos from YouTube.

Whenever the topic of downloading videos from YouTube comes up, something else rears its head is it legal? Well, that depends. It is OK to download the video for personal and offline use. Anything contrary to that contravenes the copyright. In ct, Googles TOS Tends of Service for YouTube reads something like this You shall not download any content unless theres a download link being ed.

TubeNinja is not new in the game. If you have read about YouTube Downloader, then you should be updated with new developments. It rebranded into TubeNinja. The website TubeNinja sports a very easy to use intece with no ad traps showing up. It supports many video hosting websites including those with adult content, different languages and more functionality. You can simply add a dl to a URL before the websites name for a quick download.

This app is also free to use, and it comes with caveats. Do a quick survey of the software, and youre bound to bump into a review where Freemaker boasts of being capable of downloading videos from more than websites. In ct, they brag about being loved by about million users and still counting. Anyway, the app will allow you to save links and download multiple videos at a go. If you have a very st broadband, then you can download a hour HD video in less than five minutes. All the same, you have to put up with some ads. Dont worry if you wish to convert a video into an audio track; Freemake YouTube to Mp Boom will take care of that for you.

Sometimes you dont feel like installing an app for whatever reason you may harbor. Perhaps your device has many installed apps, and theres no room for more. In this case, a helper site can come in handy. These sites do the work for you they convert and provide a download link.

Thats how you download your vorite videos on YouTube or Facebook or Vimeo or any other video hosting website. Choose the appropriate mode of download and enjoy the video clips. Note that you can share the videos to your social media network rather than download the same but if you must, use the above tried and tested ways.

Video Downloader Professional . allows you to make downloads from Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, etc. The same applies to other web browser extensions like VGet and Free Video Downloader.

After apps and helper sites, browser extensions come third in the preference for downloading videos from YouTube and other video hosting websites. However, with Chrome, you can have some issues. YouTube, Chrome, and Chrome store are all Googles products. As such, you cannot download some videos if they infringe copyright.

Thousands of videos are being uploaded on YouTube every second. What do you do if you want to download a footage? Heres the ultimate guide.

Apple is more strict on this matter. Its tougher here to bypass the TOS than it is on Android. Think of it this way, anytime a smart geek comes up with an app to bypass iTunes then it gets banned before it starts inroads. Anyhow, there are workarounds to help you download your vorite YouTube videos. A perfect example would be an iOS file manager called Documents . This tool links you to the helper sites mentioned earlier in the article. Other apps used to work around the iOS operating system are AnyTrans and Video Downloaded Pro for Dropbox. All the same, you may be forced to go old school vis a vis; using iTunes to synchronize videos on your Mac or windows desktop. It may not offer the same satisction as a direct download, but its something nonetheless.

Available for . per year. Unlike Airy, YTD works for different video hosting sites. By paying the annual subscription fee, YTD allows you to enjoy more functions such as multiple downloads, download acceleration, zero ads and so much more. You can download the YTD on your android or iOS device though its only on Android that it downloads YouTube videos. Funny enough, you cannot download the app from app store. Get the app file and install it as per the instructions then you are good to go.

KeepVid supports downloads from different video hosting websites as well as providing an ideal platform for saving audio files from SoundCloud. To save a video, copy its link then paste the same on KeepVid. A download shows up. Click on it. A slew of download options become available. Select the one you want, right click on it and choose save link as to download. Youll require a java enabled the web browser to do this. KeepVid Pro is available for desktop devices for a subscription of for a year or for lifetime use. If you dont like this arrangement, then an android version or a web browser extension should do.

Also a freebie. Ideal for grabbing videos from different video hosting websites. Like its predecessors, this app can be used to convert the videos into an audio format.

To download a footage from YouTube, simply copy the link and paste it in Airy. It does the rest for you. It will even work for your YouTube playlist. The app once installed integrates into the browser so that downloads are easier to initiate. A click and voila, your download starts. Theres one downside of using Airy it only works for YouTube and no other video hosting website. Anyway, to make up for this, theyll give you a discount if you prove that youre migrating from another paid product.

ClipConverter.cc works based on the now miliar pattern go to a video hosting website say YouTube, copy the link of the video and paste it on ClipConverter. There is an added advantage though ClipConverter allows you to change the start and/or the end of the video being downloaded. Chrome, Sari and Mozilla Firefox support a ClipConverter extension. However, there is a filter to prevent people from downloading copyrighted material.

If you thought Google had a strong grip on what extensions can do then wait until you want to download videos from YouTube using an app. Thanks to the advent of Android, you can download videos without going through Google. Just go to the website if the developer, download the app file and install it by allowing your android device to install from untrusted sources. YTD, KeepVid and WonTube have apps for this.

Come to think of it, downloading videos from YouTube takes money from them as well as from the creators. There is a reason as to why they YouTube run preroll advertisements. Somebody is earning a living this way. If you like a video, you can share the link via email or embed it on your social media network or website. You actually dont have to download the video most of the time. But if you do, here are ways to do so.

Just like the two previous YouTube video s, Gihosoft is free to use. You can use it to grab SD, k or HD videos not only from YouTube but also from thousands of other video hosting websites including Netflix. The app also has an in built video to mp converter which can work on as many as videos at the same time.

This software or rather app, is constantly being updated to feature clear download links, no ads plus YouTube into mp conversions. It does what the developers say it does. No fluff. You can download videos with up to k resolution in any format. Better yet, you are at liberty to download an entire YouTube channel as long as youve subscribed to the content. k video supports YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook downloads. To use the app, you dont have to pay even a single cent.

Note that what has been listed above is not conclusive. There are hundreds of other apps, browser extensions, helper sites and file managers you can use to grab your videos. Youre spoilt for choice. Choose wisely.

This is actually the most preferred way of downloading videos from YouTube. They give you the best control. Heres how it works you identify the video you wish to download, copy the link address on the app, and it automatically downloads the chosen format usually mp. A few years back, YouTube videos would be in flv format as back then all videos were flashbased. Fast forward to today and mp is king. Why? Videos in mp can be played on any device.

Available for free or as a subscription of .. It supports a dozen websites including those with adult content. This browser extension is added to your Tools menu. Anytime you watch videos on YouTube, Video DownloadHelper will a download icon if the video is downloadable. Get an upgrade if you wish to convert video files to other formats. There is a catch though this only works on Mozilla.

Its free to use and available for download from Sari, Chrome, Mozilla, and other web browsers. If properly installed, youll see a download this video on all videos youll be watching. The video formats will be ed as well. All you have to do is select whichever you want.youtube movie adsways to download YouTube videos

February 11

youtube movie adsSuper Bowl commercials The five best and worst ads from Sundays game

While football ns had a thrilling and somewhat maddening game to enjoy on Sunday night, those who were more interested in the big game ads also had a lot to talk about.

TheGiantsmay have had a rough season this year, but they had a great showing in the Super Bowl even if they didnt make the playoffs. This ad starringEli ManningandOdell Beckhamwas one of the nights best. The Giants are great at coming up with big performances in Super Bowls that thePatriotslose, asThe New York Postcouldnt help but point out on Monday.

For Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis, a second TV commercial cost, on average, more than million. You read that Five million dollars.

Pete Blackburn is from Boston, so theres a good chance you dont like him already. He has been a writer at CBS Sports since and usually aims to take a humorous and lighthearted approach to the often…Full Bio

For the eleventh year, we saw ns turned toYouTube AdBlitzto watch, share, and cheer for their vorite ads and big game videos before, during, and after the game. Here are the top viewed ads on game day, and some of peoples vorite so r

The director forgot to account for the end of the Super Bowl

Alexa Loses Her Voice Amazon Super Bowl LII Commercial

Of course, just like theres always a winner and loser on the field, theres also typically winners and losers off of it. Not every marketing department strikes it rich with their ambitious Super Bowl ads, and sometimes bold approaches can backfire tremendously. Its a gamble.

The Patriots offensive coordinator might not ever get promoted to head coach

Justin Timberlakes music on YouTube peaked at over , views per hour in the US during the game. Thats nearly higher than his hoy average last Sunday.

Rather that focus on promoting their vehicles, Toyota instead chose to spotlight Canadian alpine skier Lauren Woolstencroft, an eighttime Paralympic gold medalist who was born missing a portion of her left arm and both legs below the knees. Its a pretty ntastic spot that places a focus on beating the odds through perseverance and hard work, and it will undoubtedly get more play during the upcoming Olympics, as Toyota is an official partner of the Games.

Hyundai decided not to feature any of their cars in Sundays Super Bowl ad. Instead, the company put a focus on their efforts to fund childhood cancer research and how buying a Hyundai can make an impact. The ad featured real Hyundai owners and real cancer survivors meeting each other, which probably was heartwarming for plenty of viewers. However, it felt a little uxsentimental watching the survivors being used as props to praise heroes just because they bought a Hyundai. In turn, it also sort of felt like the company was saying that if you didnt drive a Hyundai, youre an antihero actively working against cancer research, which is pretty uncomforle. Props to Hyundai for doing their part to fund research, but this felt like a really hollow way of patting themselves on the back.

Solo A Star Wars Story Big Game TV Spot

Marvel Studios Avengers Infinity War Big Game Spot

This years Febreze ad goes hard in the Bathroom Humor department. Its about pooping. For an ad about stuff not stinking, it sure did stink.

A running back in Pittsburgh just got a longterm deal, but it wasnt Bell

CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. m is a registered trademark of CBS Interactive Inc.

Westworld Season Official Super Bowl Ad HBO

Tom Clancys Jack Ryan Super Bowl Commercial [HD] Prime Video

The NFL, Amazon, Tide and Budweiser nailed it on Super Bowl Sunday, but that Ram ad? Terrible

Super Bowl commercials The five best and worst ads from Sundays game

Super Bowl commercials The five best and worst ads from Sundays game

Most of America didnt get to see this Super Bowl commercial

Amazon brought plenty of star power for their Super Bowl commercial promoting Alexa. In addition to Jeff Bezos, the companys superrich founder and CEO, it also features a wellrounded sle of recognizable celebrities like Gordon Ramsay, Cardi B, Rebel Wilson and Anthony Hopkins. The ad imagines the companys efforts to find a replacement if Alexa ever lost her voice, and it does so will pretty humorous results.

Budweiser went for the heartstrings with this ad about providing water to places across the United States that were impacted by natural disasters specifically Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and California. Skylar Greys cover of Ben E. Kings Stand By Me recorded specifically for the ad was a nice touch that ramped up the dramatic, emotional angle. According to Budweiser, their Cartersville, Ga. brewery has provided more than million cans of water for relief efforts since , including two million last year.

Viewership of Super Bowl ads on YouTube saw a increase in viewership year to date, with viewership on the living room increasing by .

So, which brands came away as winners and losers on Sunday night? Lets take a look at a handful of the best and worst ads to air nationally.

OMG someone overlayed that ridiculous Dodge/MLK ad with what King actually said about capitalism and car /IBmCyt

These are the mostviewed ads as based on Game day views as of pm PST

After the Super Bowl came to a close, Google shared some statistical insights into how the trends played out during the game. Here are some of their findings

Pepsi Generations This is the Pepsi Pepsi Extended

By virtue of being one of the single biggest sporting events each year, theSuper Bowlhas massive viewership which also makes it one of the top marketing opportunities for different brands. Advertising during the game has become something of a competition in itself, as companies often use whatever resources they have at their disposal to make a splash. Theyll often get the help of celebrities or use other strategies to get people talking about their brand.

Note Although a number of exciting and buzzworthy film trailers debuted during the game, we elected to classify commercials and trailers as two different s of advertising, so you wont find those movie previews on the winners losers lists. Sorry to all the Star Wars nerds, Marvel ns Jurassic Park crazies.

Groupon Super Bowl Commercial Who Wouldnt

CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.

Kias second ad features Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler taking the new Kia Stinger for a spin and reversing all the way back to his younger self. After traveling backwards in time, Tyler steps out of the car to an onrushing crowd of adoring ns coming to greet him. It felt like Kia really wanted us all to be impressed by their CGI work to recreate a youthful Tyler, but the result was slightly horrifying. They probably shouldve learned from Henry Cavills mustache before sinking so much money and effort into this weird ad.

Top trending questions on Google during the Super Bowl

Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial Stand By You

If you watch the Super Bowl mainly for the new commercials, youre in the right place.

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Official Trailer [HD]

Bud Lights second Super Bowl spot is a continuation of the battle commercial that theyve been running in recent weeks. In it, the battle comes to a standstill when The Bud Knight shows up and carries out his mission. For better or for worse, the ad has a surprising lack of Dilly Dilly, the slogan which the beer company has pushed extremely hard this football season. Unfortunately, weve come to expect quite a lot when it comes to Bud Lights Super Bowl ads, and this one was very much underwhelming in the humor department.

David Harbour and Tide essentially ran away with the Super Bowl commercial competition and did so without needing to get dirty at all. Get it? Nailed that joke. Their campaign theme this year was to mimic stereotypical ads of almost every genre in an effort to promote clean, stainless clothes. It was a very good promotional campaign starring one of Americas most lovable current ther figures. As an added bonus, nobody ate any of those damn pods.

Ram Trucks ad featuring a Martin Luther King voiceover about the value of service was the most criticized spot of the night. Many people felt that it was a blatant commercial exploitation of the Civil Rights icon and given the current political and social climates in America that it was in poor taste. Although Ram insists that they worked with MLKs estate to receive approval for the ad, their spot also ignores the ct that, in a separate portion of the same speech, Dr. King warned about the deceptive tactics used by advertisers to get people to ll in line with a certain way of thinking.

February 11

movie theater adsThe Coolest Movie Theater in Every State

Masked Gunman Inside German Movie Theater Killed

The Plaza Theatre opened in and is the longest operating and only independent movie theater in Atlanta. It isnt the place to catch the latest blockbuster film the twoscreen theater mainly shows independent, foreign, or arthouse films but its historical significance and retro vibes keeps moviegoers coming back. Additionally, the theater hosts special events, like a weekly midnight showing ofThe Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Cineprov, a monthly comedy show that makes fun of cheesy movies.

While Arizona has no shortage of multiplexes and luxury theaters, FilmBar in Phoenix is a quirky hidden gem. The theater only has one screen, on which it shows a variety of indie films, cult classics, and documentaries. The bar serves wine, a broad selection of ontap beer, and food, and moviegoers are alsoallowedto bring in snacks of their own.

This intimate theater has been around since the s and is now a nonprofit thatshowsindependent, foreign, classic, and studentcreated films. While its not the most glamorous theater, it has modern sound and viewing capabilities, highquality programming, and special events that make it a beloved local theater in Princeton.

The Riverview Theater in Minneapolis is a customer vorite for its comforle seats, unbeale prices or for a movie, and retro s vibe. It has only one screen, which plays blockbusters a few months after their release date as well as independent films, and also offers speciality screenings, includinglatenight showingsof s and s flicks.

The last operating singlescreen theater in Delaware, the Clayton Theatre in Dagsboro holds a nostalgic charm for moviegoers, especially with its preserved artdeco exterior and interior. Despite its dated appearance, the movie shows firstrun films on a daily basis and offersweekly classic filmscreenings at a reduced rate for those who want to relive the golden age of cinema.

Once home to one of the largest stages in the United States, the historic Temple Theater in Meridian was built in the s as a movie/vaudeville palace and meeting place for the Hamasa Shriners. After years of disrepair and then restoration, the location is once again used as a performing arts center, where patrons can take insilent movie screeningsand otherfilm events.

Registered as a nonprofit, the Prospector Theater in Ridgefield gives employment opportunities to people with disabilities, teaching transferable skills that can lead to meaningful careers. In addition to having an awesome mission, the theater has four screens and offers advanced technology, like closedcaptioning glasses and headphones that stream dialogue and descriptions of scenery. You can also enjoy their caf, which serves coffee, lattes, wine, beer, and thematic adult beverages.

Harry Potter Movies Are Coming Back to Theaters

California is filled with unique movie theaters but the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood is too iconic to leave out. Since itsgrand opening in , the Chinese Theatre has been home tocountless premieresof some of the biggest films in movie history. Plus, many of its original, ornate designs and Chinese articts including temple bells, pagodas, and stone Heaven Dogs are still intact. Visitors to the theater can also see theForecourt of the Stars, where celebrities from Marilyn Monroe to Meryl Streep have left a permanent imprint as testament to their legacy.

Opened in , this theater was close to demolition in the s before a nonprofit foundation was eslished to preserve it for the Ann Arbor community. The theater remains a local vorite for its thoughtful programming, itsannual Cinetopia film festival, an operating pipe organ that plays before shows, and its commitment to serving popcorn withreal butter.

You Can Only Get Cheetos Popcorn At This Theater

Cosmopolitan participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites.

Baltimores Charles Theatre is a vintage venue with modern updates. Originally built as a cable car barn in the early th century, the building served a variety of purposes before it became a newsreel theater in . Then it underwent major renovations in to add more screening rooms. Now, with five screens, the Charles Theatre shows a mix of indie, mainstream, foreign, and classic movies.

The Plaza Cinema makes this list because it claims the title of Americas Oldest Operating Cinema. According to itswebsite, the Ottawabased theater has been projecting movies since , though it has undergone updates and renovations since then. Its film lineup isnt anything out of the ordinary but theres a small movie memorabilia museum housing original scripts, props, costumes, and posters located in the theater, and admission to the museum is included in the cost of your ticket.

This small, independently owned theater, located in Mobile, only shows one movie at a time, including mainstream and indie picks, butcustomers raveabout its charm and the hospitality of its owner. Bonus You dont need to worry about your movie being disturbed by latecomers the theater, which also serves beer and wine, locks its door as soon as the movie starts.

With its casual dinnerandamovie setting, Reel Pizza Cinerama is a vorite among Bar Harbor locals for its tasty pizza and comforle seating, which includes les and couches in the front of the theater. The twoscreen theater plays both mainstream and independent movies, and also hosts events like ImproVision, a comedy show where an improv group makes up the dialogue and sound effects for a movie playing silently in the . Another unique aspect about this theater Theres an intermission during every movie so guests can get up and use the bathroom or purchase more food without having to miss part of the show.

This locally owned business screens independent, foreign, and Hollywood films that Des Moines residents cant always find at a typical chain. They can also enjoy beer, wine, coffee, espresso, cheesecake, muffins, and dessert bars at the caf.

While this isnt the only Galaxy theater out there the luxury chain theater has locations throughout the west the Las Vegas area theater seems to be thehighestreviewedplace to catch a movie. Patrons can enjoy leather luxury recliners, a wellstocked concession stand that serves alcohol, and reservable seats.

Built inside a renovated warehouse in New Orleans,The Broad Theateris now a modern space that shows a selection of firstrun, independent, and foreign movies on four screens, and also offers seasonal deals like their Tuesday cultmovie screenings. Their concession stand offers wine and beer on tap, and on weekends they host popup kitchens from vendors in the area so moviegoers can enjoy fresh sliders, nachos, tacos, or hot dogs during their show.

This singlescreen, locally owned cinema caf in Maitland stands out from the huge multiplex movie theaters in the Orlando area and has become a goto place in Central Florida to see the best independent and foreign films. The Enzian offers a number of uniquespecial programming events, like a freecinema seriesin a park, and hosts theFlorida Film Festival, amongotherevents. Customers can also enjoy theEden Bar, an outdoor dining space.

Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony Funniest Tweets

This tiny Honolulu theater has fewer than seats all leather recliners andplaysclassic, foreign, or recently released independent films for for those over . Patrons are allowed to bring in whatever they want food, drinks, blankets and pillows to ensure a cozy and enjoyable viewing experience.

Opened in March , the registered nonprofit is a irly new, but welcome, addition to downtown Billings. The intimate, onescreen cinema pub aims to grow the arts community in the city by bringing thoughtful independent films and documentaries to its guests. Itsellswine, local beer, and speciality sodas, along with higherend concessions like chocolatecovered almonds and coconut almonds.

This nonprofit, threescreen theater in Concord opened in with a goal to generate discussion surrounding film and the arts. The concession stand offers beer, wine, coffee, and locally made food. True to its mission of promoting the arts, the theater also has a small gallery for local artists to exhibit and sell their work.

This locally owned, twoscreen theater in Fort Smith is an upscale dinein venue that mainly plays recently released mainstream films; it also offerslivecomedy and musicevents. Foodwise, you can scarf down things like loaded fries, steak bruschetta, crab cake caesar salad, BBQ cheddar burgers, and skillet mac n cheese.

Between D, D, luxury, and IMAX theaters, theres no shortage of ways to see the latest blockbusters. But for the real movie nerd the person who wants to take in indies, foreign films, classics, and perhaps even blockbusters what are the best theaters in the country? did some digging to find the quirky cinema pubs, tiny arthouse theaters, and historic landmarks across the country. Most are locally owned or nonprofit, and all share the same goal of bringing a unique moviegoing experience to their guests.

Another theater built during the s, the Historic Artcraft Theatre in Franklin was originally built as a vaudeville house and silent movie theater. Now its is managed by a nonprofit historical preservation group, Franklin Heritage, Inc., and mainlyshowsclassic films ranging fromSingin in the RaintoDirty DancingtoHocus Pocus. All of the films begin with a skit or a classic cartoon, and a ticket only costs around .

Located in a refurbished historical building in St. Louis, the Moolah Theatre Lounge offers moviegoers a unique alternative to traditional chain theaters. The sizable singlescreen theater mainly shows new releases, and it has stadium and balcony seating in addition to couches and loveseats in the front of the theater. There is also a full bar and a vintage, eightlane bowling alley in the basement of the building, it an ideal spot for a date night.

The Bear Tooth Theatrepub Grill is a vorite dinner and a movie spot in Anchorage. The seat theater has les in front of the seats so moviegoers can have their meal pizza, burritos, salads,and more delivered right to them as they watch a secondrun or independent film. In addition to a dinein experience, the theatrepub serves its own craft beer, Broken Tooth Beer, along with wine and margaritas.

This nonprofit historical cinema opened in and now aims to bring highquality independent, classic, foreign, and animated films to the Brookline area. What makes it such a gem is its extensive and unique programming, including its latenight horror andcult film series, andsilent film seriesaccompanied by live music. Theres also anopen micnight for aspiring filmmakers to screen their short features.

Movies for Every Stage of Your Relationship

The Ruth Sokolof Theater in Omaha is one of two theaters managed by the nonprofit organization Film Streams. Since , the theater has been showing documentaries, indies, foreign films, and classics. The theater also has a student night on the first Monday of every month, allowing students to see any regularly scheduled movie for free, as long as they show their student ID.

Founded in , The Flicks is a fourscreen theater that shows independent and arthouse films, along with the best of mainstream new releases. The theater is known in the Boise community for its friendly staff and comforle atmosphere, as well as its highquality concessions, which includes full meals and desserts, an espresso bar, and a selection of local beer, wine, and cider. Another fun ct The Flicks is committed to being energy efficiency and in installed solar panels on its roof.

This Theater Chain May Check Your Bag Before Your Next Movie

Home to the Denver Film Society, the Sie FilmCenter screens over movies per year, ranging from arthouse films to documentaries to exclusive firstrun movies. It also hosts the International Denver Film Festival and regularly puts onminifilm festivalslike CinemaQ, a curation of the best in recent LGBTQ films, CineLatino, and WomenFilm.

Figure Skater Yuna Kim Lights Olympic Cauldron

The historic Kentucky Theater is beloved by the city of Lexington. Since opening in , the theater has survived a changing movie industry, smoke damage, and multiple renovations to become the theater it is today. Movie options are often limited there are only two screens, but the theater tends to play independent or limitedrelease movies you cant always find at bigger venues.

Why Fans Think Kylie Jenner Named Her Baby Stormi

Built in , this Chicago theater has maintained its original architecture and interior design, which includes its night sky ceiling with shining stars and walls resembling an Italian courtyard. The theater has two screens the original, seat theater and a smaller addition which regularly show independent, foreign, classic, and cult films. Music Box Theatre also hosts special events like theBlue Whiskey Film Festival, and in added alounge and gardenthat serves beer, wine, and speciality cocktails.

Fat Unicorn Cakes Are Here and Theyre Cute AF

Best Squad Coms Every Woman Needs in Her Life

February 11

youtube movie adsLogan Paul loses his YouTube ads after he shocks rat with Taser

youtube movie adsLogan Paul loses his YouTube ads after he shocks rat with TaserBeyond the Japan suicide video, Paul also ran across Tokyos med Shibuya Crossing throwing pillows at cars, smashed a Game Boy in a store and threw Poke balls at people. These videos drew in a combined million views.

MoreYouTube cracks down on Tide Pod challenge videos

MoreLogan Paul back on YouTube with suicide prevention video, million pledge

Along with selling merchandise and other deals, YouTube is where Paul makes money. His channel has million subscribers and over billion views for his videos. Unlike other social networks that bring exposure to young people looking to make a name for themselves, like Facebook and Twitter, YouTube rewards them with financial incentives by sharing ad revenues.

Paulposted an apology videoSo sorry. that reeled in million views but also a second round of condemnation by those who wondered if he was simply capitalizing on his mistake. Then, after taking a threeweek break, he tried to show followers he had turned over a new leaf,posting a lengthier videoon suicide prevention that was viewed more million times. He appeared onGood Morning America.

RelatedGoogle cracks down on Logan Paul for YouTube suicide video

Paul, who earned an estimated . million last year, according toForbes, has been in the crosshairs of YouTube this year, though its hardly dented his popularity among his largely teen and kid n base.

A petition on is calling for YouTube to delete the Logan Paul channel. So r, over , people have signed up.

RelatedReaders sound off on Logan Paul He filmed a dead body for the views

RelatedTide Pods Despite The Challenge, PG doubles down on detergent pouches

The issue this time a rat and the Tide Pods challenge.

YouTube said it would temporarily suspend ads on his popular YouTube channel after Paul one of the topearning creators on the network shocked a rat in a recent video with a Taser. Also Paul on Twitter, in a sincedeleted tweet, suggested hed eat a Tide Pod for every retweet from his . million followers an attempted joke aimed at a dangerous, Internetfueled teen trend of swallowing the ful detergent packets for views.

Anyone can be a YouTube star if they can pull in viewers. The most successful ones do it by being provocative, an incentive to constantly up the ante.

In recent weeks, such prank videos have emerged on YouTube, and the service has been struggling to take them down as soon as theyare flagged. U.S. poison centers in January reported incidents from iniduals taking the Tide Pod Challenge.

YouTube is full of prank videos of people pulling out chairs behind unsuspecting souls, waving ke snakes at them, putting weird things into doughnuts and watching unsuspecting folks eat them. In a recent video blog, Paul shows himself operating a Taser on what he says is a dead rat to make sure its dead. The video is agerestricted, which means younger YouTube users cant watch it.

YouTube wouldnt comment on deleting his channel, but YouTube terms of service say that if a channel getsthree strikesit will take more action.

MoreLogan Paul History of stunts made this embattled YouTube star rich

On New Years Eve,Paul posted a video of a trip to a forestin Japan known for suicides, in which he filmed an apparent suicide victim and his own incredulous reaction. YouTube responded to the public backlash by taking Paul out of its preferred program, which gives higher ad revenues to video creators with large followings, and canceled plans to make a movie with Paul for its premium YouTube Red service.

LOS ANGELES Logan Paul, s new major problem for YouTube, has gotten into more hot water with the Googleowned video network.

Logan Pauls representatives did not immediately return a request for comment.

February 11

YouTube Susyoutube movie adspends Ads from Video Star Logan Pauls Channels

YouTube Susyoutube movie adspends Ads from Video Star Logan Pauls ChannelsAfter Her Friends Suicide, a Teen Posts an AntiBullying Video and is Suspended from School

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Last month, Paul postedvideo of himself in a forest near Mount Fuji in Japan near what appeared to be a body hanging from a tree. YouTube suspended the yearold at the time for violating its policies. But Paul returned, and has since posted a video of himself using a Taser on dead rats. That video is still up, with an age restriction.

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One Dead, One Injured in North Sacramento Shooting

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FOX News digs deeper into one of Californias inmous serial killer/cold cases The East Area Rapist.

YouTube Suspends Ads from Video Star Logan Pauls Channels

Posted PM, February , , byAssociated Press,

YouTube Star Kian Lawley Loses Movie Gig after Racist Comments

In an emailed statement, YouTube said that the videos on Pauls channels are also broadly damaging to the broader creator community.

Mines Real Viral Video Shows Security Guard Shooting Two WouldBe Robbers Who Used Fake Gun

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Godther Part II Lake Tahoe Home Goes Up for Sale

NEW YORK AP YouTube has temporarily suspended all ads from video star Logan Pauls channels after what it calls a pattern of behavior unsuile for advertisers.

YouTube Assigning Workers to Review Videos to Avoid Another Logan PaulType Disaster

Authorities Suspect Among Dead in Kentucky Shooting Spree

YouTube Star Logan Paul Apologizes for Posting Video of Apparent Suicide Victim

YouTube Assigning Workers to Review Videos to Avoid Another Logan PaulType Disaster

YouTube Suspends Star Over Suicide Video, Doesnt Shut Door

Stockton Woman Says Stranger Followed Her, Harassed Her and Tried to Get Into Her Car

Stockton Teen Who Livestreamed Fatal Crash Sentenced to Years in Prison

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An email sent to Pauls merchandise company for comment was not immediately answered Friday. YouTube is owned by Google parent company Alphabet.

This Rand Paul Story Keeps Getting Weirder and Weirder and Weirder

February 10

Movie AdsIMDb Movies TV and Celebrities IMDb

Movie AdsIMDb Movies TV and Celebrities IMDbBryan Fullerwill no longer serve as showrunner on the upcomingAppleversion of the anthology series Amazing Stories,Varietyhas confirmed. A source close to Fuller says that the parting was amicable. Fullers vision for the show did not mesh with the more milyfriendly approach sought by …See more

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Sam Claflin and Laura Haddock Welcome a Daughter

The Rookie Eric Winter Afton Williamson To CoStar In ABC Series

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Gillian Anderson Poses Nude for Liberating PETA Billboard Debuting During Fashion Week

Mark Sallings Child Porn Case Dismissed After Glee Stars Suicide

Crazy ExGirlfriendstarRachel Bloomreveals her crazyex Watchlist and shares the ups and downs of her comedy series withThe IMDb Show.

Bryan Fuller Exits Amazing Stories Reboot at Apple

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The child ography case against Glee starMark Sallinghas officially been dismissed, following the Glee stars suicide last month. Federal judge Otis D. Wright signed off on the dismissal Wednesday, bringing a close to the case. The governments motion to dismiss the indictment pursuant to…See more

Mickey Jones, Justified and Total Recall Actor, Dies at

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We pay tribute toRichard Hatchon the anniversary of his death.

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Deadpool directorDavid Leitchis revving up his engines to possibly join theFast and Furiousmily. The director, considered one of the premier action filmmakers currently working in the field with credits such asJohn Wickand Atomic Blondeunder his belt, has emerged as the frontrunner and …See more

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Settle in for these popular scifi titles now streaming on Prime Video.

Katy Perry Said She Would Rewrite I Kissed a Girl It Has a Couple of Stereos

February 10

Nenew movie adsws Analysis

Best Social Media Management Analytics Tools

The most powerful operational rocket in the world completed a successful test flight on Tuesday.

Googles AI and voice assistant technology will be at the core of new smart home products that Nest is developing with the search giant.

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Best Application Performance Management Tools

The company also introduced revamped versions of its EliteBook series notebooks, some of which include discrete AMD graphics.

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The Unicode Consortium approved a batch of superhero and supervillain emojis, along with new animal icons.

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How to Set Up and Configure Your Wireless Router

The US has indicted suspects who were behind the Infraud black market forum, a provider of stolen credit card information and malware.

The s never died, but some of its fuzzier economic ideas should have.

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Even in a smartphone world, you cant live without your personal computer. These brands are the right brands to pick.

The third and final burn worked too well and means the Roadster will overshoot its planned Mars orbit.

Best SelfService Business Intelligence BI Tools

In Q of alone, Apple shipped million smartwatches, which Canalys said is the highest ever number of shipments in a single quarter … for any wearable vendor.

A new Windows PC typically comes with software you dont want. Heres how to deal with it.

The Kickstarter is already fullyfunded for this unique gaming mouse that could end up influencing future mouse designs.

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Think of any household object and Nissan could probably make is selfpark.

Deepkes, for the uninitiated, are ke videos created by using a machine learning algorithm to match someones ce to another persons body.

VR headsets combined with balance boards and motor cortexstimulating headphones give athletes mental access to the slopes.

Snag a new Amazon ereader or smart speaker for your Valentine.

February 10

Rescuing the Letterpress Art Made for Movie Ads

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Roffman first found out about Ginsberg and Wagners collection from an oldOmaha WorldHeraldarticle. An eBay seller had included the story with two blocks Roffmans wife had bought him as a birthday present. He called up the , and the person who answered the phone just happened to be the articles author, who helped connect him to Ginsberg and Wagner.

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A Portrait of James Is Husband Has Reappeared in Glasgow

An advertisement for a Sidney Poitier urtesy of Adam Roffman

After years of work, they have catalogued and restored the plates and now have put the entire collection up for sale. Experts have told them its the only collection of its kinda visual history of Hollywood from the s to the s. They hope to sell it to a museum that can the blocks, as well as use the Vandercook letterpress, included in the collection, to print new versions of these old enticements to come to the movies.

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The resulting film is calledThe Collection.Highlighted byKottkelast week, it is a short and beautiful account of the care put into creating these blocks and restoring them to their original condition.

Northern Australia Was Once Smushed Up Against North America

A documentary captures two Nebraskans work to preserve a unique collection.

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This is a story abouttwo discoveries. The first Almost two decades ago, in the back of an antique shop inOmaha, Nebraska, DJ Ginsberg and Marilyn Wagner found dozens of boxes holding, letterpress plates and blocks of movie advertisementsthat chronicled five decades of film history.

I desire only to live in this world for your sake, the king wrote to him.

A hidden passage led investigators to a collection of astonishing objects.

The second Filmmaker Adam Roffman, who had been building his own collection of movie printing blocks, heard about Ginsberg and Wagners collection anddecided to document their painstaking work to catalogue and preserve their collection.

Rescuing the Letterpress Art Made for Movie Ads

Found An Unprecedented Trove of Original Nazi Articts in Argentina

The collection sat in a backroom for years, until Ginsberg and Wagner found it and bought it for ,. They discovered that the best way to clean the blocks, many of which were covered with a powder of driedup ink, was to wipe their suces with vinegara solution to a conservation challenge.

Found Three Cases of Madeira Bought for John Adams Presidency

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For many years, movie advertisements were carved into letterpress blocks and plates. Roffman stumbled across his firstan ad for the filmThe Imitation of Lifeat an antique shop in Waterbury, Connecticut, where he was conducting an interview for a different project. I thought it was beautiful and about a movie, but wasnt sure exactly what it was, he says. He bought the block, started researching its origins, and soon became obsessed. His own collection has grown to blocks.

Atlas Obscura An Explorers Guide to the Worlds Hidden Wonders

And other strange cts of supercontinent history.

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The unnamed artist who created the advertisements in the collection fell into the craft while stationed in California during his time in the Navy. When he came home to Nebraska, he opened a letterpress shop, KB Typesetting Co., and his California customers kept sending him work. Plus, as Ginsberg and Wagner note on their website, Omaha was an ideal and central location for shipping work to every part of America. He kept his work and, in the s, sold his collection to an antiques dealer.

Making Salt From an Ancient Ocean Trapped Below the Appalachians

February 10

BrandedMovie Ads

May PM, Us WeeklySee all related articlesAround The WebPowered by ZergNetCreate a listUser Lists

created Jan Deviant Filmsa list of titles

See moreFrequently Asked QuestionsThis FAQ is empty. Add the first question.User ReviewsDestined To Become A Cult Classic October bycraigSee all my reviews

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] Its not a real burger, Misha, if I cant have extra ketchup. Its just a ing… its a ing çade. This whole country is just like one Hollywood back lot, ing, çade. And its a really ty made one, at that.

The film starts with documentary flashbacks showing Mishas rise to a powerful marketing executive. Now in Moscow , Misha is a powerful marketing executive working to spread Western brands, and like the businesses he works for nothing will stop him in his greed, until the imprisonment and death of an overweight girl undergoing extensive plastic surgery to become skinny. Following a vision in which Misha sacrifices a heifer to God, he begins to receive strange visions depicting the brands control over people. He returns to work and guided by these visions, Misha attempts to stop the growth of the brands in postCommunist Russia by encouraging the brand to attack each other in their advertising campaigns. There is some debate whether Misha believes that the worship of global brands is Idolatry and his visions depicting the brands are controlling people causing them to sin, or whether his belief is that monopoly is evil and his intention is to create a Western freemarket…

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created Jul Top Dystopian Moviesa list of titles

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August PM, Digital SpyLeeLee Sobieski Pregnant With Second Child See Her Gorgeous Baby Bump Reveal!

In two shots we see the list of brands that Misha is crossing out, he crosses out Burger with two lines. Later, when he is crossing out other brands, Burger has only one line through it.See more

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There are , film festivals around the world. Where would you go if your film was turned down by , of them?. What happens when an obscure film festival is the last hope for a iling…See full summary

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created months agoTo not watcha list of titles

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See moreConnectionsSpoofsExtreme Makeover Home EditionSee moreSoundtracksSans Toi

In future Moscow, where corporate brands have created a disillusioned population, one mans effort to unlock the truth behind the conspiracy will lead to an epic battle with hidden forces that control the world.

created week agoFavorite SciFia list of titles

January PM, The Guardian TV NewsSheridan Smith is Cilla Black Lorra, lorra pics and trailer revealed

I just saw _Branded_ and came here to IMDb and was shocked at all of the negative reviews. Other reviews go into the plot and so forth, so I wont do that here. I guess I can understand some of the criticism the pacing in _Branded_ is uneven, at times a bit slow, which probably doesnt sit well with contemporary movie audiences who want minutes of nonstop action. But if you can appreciate the pacing involved in telling a good story think Kubrick or Lynch, then I think youll appreciate _Branded_.I think this movie will become a cult classic ala _Liquid Sky_, _Repo Man_, or _Idiocracy_ it is that rarest of things, a film with an original tale that is welltold. Ive not seen a trailer for the film, but I get the idea that the trailer does not accurately reflect the movie itself, which may lead some to disappointment. But if you watch _Branded_ with an open mind and just open yourself up to the story, I think youll find it a memorable and enjoyable experience. I ncy myself to be something of a connoisseur of quirky science fiction and ntasy movies, and I thoroughly enjoyed this film.

A story about the life of a twenty dollar bill as it weaves in and out of the various lives of several people.

Two passengers and the conductor discover that a man has passed away on their night train cabin. They come across a mysterious object in a box the dead man was carrying and they all wish to keep for themselves.

The advertising campaign for the movie included QR codes, four of which can be found on the movie poster.See more

A man named Flyn Il Lim is on a mission to kill the men who raped his wife Olivia Leelee Sobieski. He finds himself living a double life as a killer and a husband. He finds an …See full summary

The IMDb Showexplores the sometimes lavish trailers used by your vorite celebs. Plus,Crazy ExGirlfriendstarRachel Bloomreveals her crazyex Watchlist.BrandedMovie Ads