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Phil Irvings excellent article The Vincent Motorcycle . Extensively covers the design considerations of the postwar Vincent.

for classifieds and photos Craig Comontofski please emailCraig collects Vincents and speed Husqvarna and is always looking for bikes/parts/literature. He runs the Lamboghini Miura Technical Website He designed and operates thehuskyclubwebsite aided by the patience and loving support of his wonderful wife, Linda.Craig leads the pack..thevincentis rated the Number One website for Vincent Motorcycles by Classic Bike magazine.Our Office Staff

miles on clock since restoration. Sitting in ownersmily room since then.Maughan rebuilt and balanced crankwith

There are a whole series of On Any Sunday video sections on Youtube. Still magical years later. Start with Bart, Malcolm and Steve at

Black Lightning Special Parts Listitems, part numbers, some photos

Book Review Flat Out ! The Rollie Free Story by Jerry Hatfield. Ive talked with a number of people about this x book and accompanying oral history CD …and everyone likes it, but no one has finished it. I too plan to keep it next to my easy chair this winter, close by the crackling fire, sampling various stories and studying the excellent photos. It is not a glance and toss fluff rehash of previously published data. Hatfield has certainly reached deep into archives and personal recollections revealing interesting new insights into the man and the era. Work on the book spanned over years with the last five years dedicated to intensive research and writing/compilation. The book provides you with Rollies and the heroic efforts leading up to the Great Event….at am on that teful day September , .

Alton v alternator conversion, rebuilt speedometer, several spare parts.

JuneSOLD HRD Rapide Series B Restored in the UK approx. years ago. Ridden miles or less since.

The Story of the Black Shadow by Phil Irving

The story telling is not limited to Vincent motorcycles… indeed, there is extensive coverage of Rollie his early mark racing Indian motorcycles. years and s go by before the first mention of a Vincent motorcycle. However, to truly understand the role of the Spitfire airplane in the Battle of Britain, you have to go back at least to the Schneider Air Races of the s. So it is with a man in his bathing shorts and bath slippers balanced precariously on the rear fender of a Vincent setting the American Motorcycle Speed Record at Bonneville….you need to go back to the beginnings. Phil Irvings autobiography gives you historical perspective on the design, production and special magic of the Vincent motorcycle. Flat Out gives you the essence of the man/tuner/rider and further details of that eventful day and the special machine. A serious book for a serious reader…and Christmas and long winter nights are st approaching, just like that Vincent.

Russell Wright Reunion at Lake Arrowhead by Bill Hoddinott

Grey Flash Ad kfile very large for detail

Front brake hubs have fourleadingshoe internals. Modern shocks front and rear. TreadDown centerstand. in. Shadow sspeedo.

Please contact this website or the NSW Police regarding event E

Vincent Motorcycle Build/Date information VOCrevised // This link is curretnly not operating

SOLDVincent C Rapide full mechanical and cosmetic restoration in . VOC authenticated. Matching numbers.

SOLD Vincent Cometin excellent condition. Original registration number matching UFM.

an engine rebuild by a nole British Vincent expert. caMarchSOLDAVincent Egli ,superb everywhere , only ~~kms as tuning rides.

SOLD Black Shadow touring. VINFAB/B/. The Frame is RCB/B and the engine number is FAB/B/. purchased in by a USAF pilot who took delivery at the ctory and specified Touring fenders and British handle bars with a lockable throttle. He owned/rode it from when he sold it to me he was . The engine was completely rebuilt in the late s and has been ridden , miles since. The speedometer and carbs were rebuilt with new slides by Lund. It has a new V clutch, ESA and tensioner blade. The gas tank and fenders were stripped, repaired, enameled and striped. TreadDown centrestand, KONI shocks front and rear. system was replaced with an Alton watt alt, volt regulator/bulbs. horn was rebuilt Taff the Horn England. magneto replaced with a BTH magneto. old Lucas magneto and volt generator working when removed and go with bike. Other than repainting the tank and fenders, the rest of paint is original including Girdraulic suspension and Vincent decal on steering head. April/July

Norvin Engine and the Search for John Peart of Harrow

Cylinder head completely reconditioned by Clever Trevor on Hayling Island. New liner and rings by Simon Linford. Reconditioned ATD. Starts easily. Vincent Owners Club dating certificate and original doc copies from ctory covering the frame and engine tests. Alloy peacatcher rims with stainless spokes.

Richard Thompsons version of Vincent Black Lightning

Phil Davies sent ininstructionsfor using thevincent as your Home Page or as your desktop Background !!

Place your Vincent Motorcycle Ad here!!!FREE! Just write down the ad copy and Email Rapide. Please include the words classified ad on the subject line of your email. Remember, not all people will have email to contact you, so a phone number is always to your advantage. We recommend only a phone number for the first weeks and then adding an email address if your item has not sold in that time. This strategy will reduce spam from Nigerians. Including a basic price avoids wasted effort on the part of the buyer and the seller. You have several ways of advertising your Vin or parts for sale. Write up a Free ad listing your phone number and email , Write up a Free Ad listing only your phone number which may limit overseas inquiries but will reduce spurious emails or Hire me todevelop a web with photos and and to Broker your Vincent. I will screen all inquiries, respond to questions, and provide guidance as to price/viewing/shipping/payment as required. Email for details and fee for this option.Please advise when your item is sold to enable ad removal, and refer to other sites if your item is not directly related to Vincent motorcycles. We average over visitors per day from a total of countries ! We have a policy of Not posting any of Endless general Trolling ads we get flooded with. This is a site for enthusiasts… the little guys who love Vincents. Good Luck, Craig and Jim.

The Richard Thompson Song about a Vincent Black Lightning clearly conveys the passionate feelings that are generated by beautiful women and powerful motorcycles. Those of us who have experienced both admire Richards ability of communicating to others the stories of our wildest and deepest loves. Richard carries us away on a vivid adventure in song where others have been left standing at the curb. By the end of his story we feel our tourguide on this enjoyable journey has shown us that Redhaired women and Vincent Black Lightnings can be both our salvation and our ruin. What is powerful enough to carry us to the heavens can also crash us to earth. His gift of the Black Lightning may not be a reward for what she gave him, but rather a realization that he must free himself from the steel bonds of both of his deepest loves. Only then can he escape the forces that gave him life and controlled his destiny.

for more photos and greater detail. Cheers, CarlMarch

Polishing/CleaningShipping VincentsElectric StarterPaint/Transfers

smooth clutch and transmission, this is an excellent show bike/rider.

Interesting photos and stories about olde motorcycles.

all black power coat except the frameoil tank and brake drums.

twenty years, Steve Hall will be completing his final run of Vincent air cleaners. There will be no more. For those who dont know, these are an exact replica of the original Volks in grey hammertone with decal, stamped numbers and filter element. They are now included as a judging requirement at Vincent meets. Steve can be reached at Mike Fitzimons

SOLD Series C Black Shadow.Totally restored to original, less than miles ago.

enclosed are some photos of my grandsons on the bike.

The sensation of being on a motorcycle embodies what were all seeking in life. Freedom.Steven Alford

Vincent PartsHaig Altounianhas two Comet chainguards along with . and . over exhaust pipe nuts ET from Maughans available, two of each.He also has a tap and adjusle die so that custom fitting can be made.He also has a good, used Vincent flywheel assembly complete with rods since it is an assembly for sale.Inquire for details if you are interested.Haig is still working on Vincents at the garage in Culver City, California.He is available by appointment only at USA or cell phone for repair, restoration, and parts service.

Very stunning performance with cc, pistons, mark I Concentric carbs, KVF Magneto with manual advance.

bar ends, centre stand, Shadow speedo, parts records, decals, manuals.

For Sale Vincent Rapide. front heads, Amal carbs, Borranis front and rear, stainless steel spokes, inch Shadow speedo, volt,


WantedVincentComet or Meteorin running condition or one that can be made to run with new parts and several weeks of work. Twin of course welcome but only have about k for budget right now. Retired so can travel to pick up in USA or Canada. VOC back to but currently without a bike. Emailharvey

one picture shows it at an exhibition in England with a sign noting

SOLD VINCENT HRD Series C year ,matching numbers ,

Vincent Black Lightning FAB/C/ and Black Lightning Data

motorcycle with engine. Fully reconditioned throughout.

Interesting video of Jay Leno testing out his Vincent Black Shadow

Disclaimerthevincent does not warranty or recommend in any way the vendors or parts advertised on this website. It is up to you to discern the accuracy of the ads and to assume full responsibility for the terms, exchange of consideration, and shipping arrangements between all parties involved. I just post the ads Im sent directly by the owner or his representative or forwarded by a Vincent enthusiast.

For SaleReproduction No. round rearMiller brake light switchesas used on the first postwar / Vincents.

* The Vincent motorcycling videoChasing Shadowsis a quiet, respectful documentary that has wonderful historic footage and informative commentary. The onboard camera successfully captures the sounds and exhiliration of motorcycle riding, especially when you are accompanied by another Vincent. The film will deepen your understanding and appreciation of Phil Vincent , Phil Irving , and Vincent ctory employees who brought a dream to life.

Photos available.Tony in Arroyo Grande, CA.USA .

Vincent Rapide Article with specs and photo

Information on USA Titles and Registration of antique/classic vehicles from Bruce Metcalf

Dave Hills treaddown centre stand. Extra long original seat. Extra long original footrest hangers much more comforle than standard. Dynamo charges and lights/horn work. Taxed free to /. No MOT needed.

The story of Crazy George Disteel and his Vincents as posted by Paul Zell.

Sounds of Vincent Twin Engine RunningThis is really cool. Many thanks to Anders Forsberg ! Its a WAV file… be sure to throttle up the volume.

The following Vincents have been reported stolen in Australia

std bore Kemp pistons, new MKII cams, complete head rebuild, Alton alternator, Neal Videan V clutch,

Not an old period Fritz frame switz made. registred .

Contact Mitch Talcove.Phone USA ; Email mtalcove at .

Francois Grosset electric starter and electronic ignition, mm PHF Dellorto carbs.

When conditions change and market pressures ease, then considerations such as originality and history must count. Condition can be bought by anybody who can afford the best restoration. But nobody can recreate originality. Once lost, its gone forever. Great quote from biker Roland Johansson.

Please contact if you require information on placing a FREE classified ad.Your classified ad for bikes/parts/literature will be immediately posted to rabid Vincent enthusiasts all over the World. We are always looking for good quality photos of past and present Vincents to post. Please send only.photo files or originals.

For SaleVincent Series C Rapide with Alton alternator, electronic ignition, Monobloc carbs, Shadow brake drums, Shadow speedometer and high flanged aluminum rims. Very reliable bike. , Euros firm. Email hrd June

Last edit July , If you wish to donate, we will accept Vin parts or money if you use the site and are successful in selling your parts or Vincent.No obligation. please see Donated Commission Policy at end of this .

Engine all new parts bore X stroke cc , speeds gbox,

Steve Hamels mph/hp Bonneville Vincent on the Dyno

and is registered with the VOC, who have sent me the on the original manucture dates, specs, and tests.

We do accept donations of Vincent parts or money if you use the site and are successful in selling your Vincent parts or motorcycle. The reason is that over the years several successful sellers and buyers have sent me free Vincent parts our basket case is getting more complete !, one person sent several nice pieces of original Vin literature which they held onto when they sold their Vin through the website, and one East Coast Vincent owner routinely sends me on every item he sells through the site ! Several of the above have asked me to post this policy of unsolicited commisions as they believe it to be ir to all concerned… and we certainly can use the support. In return you receive No Special Favors but probably sleep a little better and will certainly help to return another Vin to the road.

I since made a rolling chassis out of the drag race frame.

Originally built for Canadian Export, it was purchased by a collector and stored

Letters From Homenot motorcycle te night musings

New Vincent PartsCoventry Spares Ltd. Abbey Lane, Middleboro, MA, . New WebOrder line . Out of state . Owner John Healey. Credit cards accepted. Nice people John, Tom, Sue with good advice and free chocolate included with your carefully packed order. Every single part is labeled with your name, part number and date …where other vendors send you a mixed up box of unknown nuts and bolts and washers that you have to try to identify. Fast US Service with an excellent return policy.updated address Ive used these guys for over years and still order from them First. Extensive inventory of Vincent parts with the refreshing attitude the customer is probably right. Coventry gets orders from all over the world… there must be a very good reason.They now also carry Recoil kits, BTH mags and Alton alternators.

Vincent powered Cooper please send in performance info and any photos of Coopers..especially showing Vincent engine.History of Cooper Cars

Over in upgrades. Rapide currently located in Southern California, can be shipped anywhere.

Call Jim at .For SaleTerry Princes Princes personal Rapide. Engine cases, number and upper frame member match. RFM is replacement.


SOLD Vincent Rapide Series C Nicely restored, numbers matching, cosmetics very good, top end rebuilt bottom end excellent plus new primary drive gear and primary chain, magneto rebuilt, dynamo upgrade, starts hot or cold easily, very strong engine,

IrvingVincent EnginePhotos, history, and infomation inSpecialReport. Australia

Brampton ForksC Rapide detailsD series details

s//speedipensive Note from Carleton

Video/audio clip of Irving Vincent Racer being airstarted

Thanks for your note.. Yes, ads are thin right now with people putting their spares on Evil Bay clawing for absolutely the top dollar…although they may appropriately end up with the parts gone and a bogus cashiers check or claims of nonreceipt of goods.. I dont link to or generally even mention Evil Bay. When asked about Evil Bay, I tell Vin owners to try to borrow some Vin parts from Ebay, ask about their next Vincent social event, try to get help setting up your timing chest, ask them a tech question about carbs, stop over for a free beer and chat…ask to see their Vincent model photo galleries and engine diagrams, let them help you with identifying models, serial numbers and sources of parts, call them up to share the excitement and joy of your first Spring ride, ask them to drive out with a van to pick you and your Vincent up when your magneto quits…..There is NOTHING at Ebay but a ^* computer…

Interesting website for renting videos if you really want to Learn a Skill…. welding, lathe operation..etc..

Mine since , prior provenance checked to s.

A man can ride his Vincent Motorcycle in the daytime and sleep under a city bridge at night covered only by cardboard and his life will be rich and complete.

Vincent Motorcycle Free Classified AdsVincent Motorcycles/Parts/Literature/Services that are for sale.

Anyone owning a Vincent should by law own a Bridgeport milling machine or know a skilled mate with same; have a basket case in progress so friends can borrow emergency parts; keep a wellstocked refrig in the shop for dropin visitors; when asked to compare Vincents to other motorcycles discusses pilot input and the rewards of a WWII Spitfire and the dullness of throwaway Chinese toaster ovens; and live in a major city with an active VOC section.

v electronic PRa ATD ignition,Dave Hills centerstand,all new stainless everything including spokes, correctchrome wheels new in , all black is powdercoated, new correct Amal s, correct speedo gearbox. Owner wants responsibleoffer.

Original movie footage by Vincent dating back to the ctory entry in the IOM TT races.

Phil Vincent The years after .Historical note by Robin VincentDay.

For those of us who own a Vincent motorcycle, nothing else comes remotely close to the feelings of riding a quiet Dinosaur that suddenly transforms into a Fierce Dragon that bellows fire and takes flight..except a loving beautiful woman.

Vincent PosterNew poster has , over photos of Vincents and engines from to , a blowup of a late Twin engine and many other illustrations and goodies packed into a large x inch artful poster available in heavy for or laminated for .Really nice work… Recommended.Please mention if you are a member of the Jtan internet Vincent discussion group. Email . or website carlhungness or Phone . USA

To listen to the song….paste and scroll down and play. Compliments of Red Molly.

Not a trailer princess, but a good bike to ride and enjoy. , US .

When they are gone there will be no more, so do not dither around!

Vincent VideoChasing Shadows. The video is available in NTSC / VHS format and costs including shipping to USA. At the moment we can only accept payment by personal checks in Dollars . Mail checks to Grasshopper Films at B North Street, THAME, Oxfordshire, OX BH, UK. Please check out video details at other formats available , PAL. EMail address for info g Pip Whiteman

SOLD Rapide in Canada. It has a bit of provenance, it runs fine and has all matching cases and frame,

Well… you get the point… people may get a fistful of dollars and certainly will get precious little else. Then… and this is Classic… in a later conversation they complain about the high price of some Vin parts they really need. Bitten by their own snake. I guess thats what they deserve. The rest of us will post our Vincents and parts on thevincent. and receive the reward of lasting friendship and an honest amount of money.

Favorite episode involving a motorcycle In an old Chinese man in Takoma Park, MD asked me to look at this strange motorcycle in the cellar of the house he inherited from his brother. It was a rough Velocette Venom that had been sitting for years and was missing the muffler. We worked for over an hour in the dim light before I could finally kick the reluctant dragon to life. It responded by filling the cellar with thick blue smoke, flashes of light from the backfires, and roars from the open exhaust. Ill never forget his wide open eyes and the dancing smile on his ce. He was again and it was the Fourth of July. Also noted was the torrent of Chinese shouts from his wife at the top of the stairs which were totally ineffective at quenching our Celebration. To this day, the key ingredients of vintage motorcycling still are mystery, frustration, sweat, loud noises, smoke, camaraderie, celebration, and contentment.

Terry can be reached at in Australia call

Runs superbly. Non matching s.The bike is in Sweden, close to Gothenburg.

For SaleShow winning Lightningized Twin in oneoff Trackmaster frame as seen in MPH No. .

Answer to email questions about the Black Lightning song

Various photos and videos of the Lambky Vincent Streamliner, Burns Wright Lightning, Dave Matson, and other LSR Vincents

interesting videos about Sid Biberman and Bonneville….videos developed by the TV showCafe Racer.

Story of the Vincent Black Widow …. bogus but fun

Video of David Jefferies riding flat out at IOM with personal commentary. Great Fun. Be sure to go to Full Screen. I can only watch it for a couple minutes before I have to stop to breathe….

At least we have Vincent motorcycles to spirit us away from all that is worrisome in this troubled and isive world. Whether riding or taking apart or admiring in your garage or just talking about with kindred friends… Phil Irving left us a precious gift and that realization of his dream can lift us to new s….if we are willing. Without Irving, we are left with smoking popcorn can strokes and arrogant unresponsive slugs of American iron…. or my sons death defying nervous dragon from Japan. Sleep well knowing you ride a durable rewarding steed that can be a comforting companion….yet when called upon.. like a gallant charger… will win the day.

Interesting website about Coburn Benson, his shop and Grey Flash

VINCENTMotorcycles, Parts and LiteratureFor Sale

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SOLDGene Schille Vincent Drag frame, wheels, forks, as you see as a rolling chassis.

Ceriani mm front forks, mm Fontana front brake.

AprilSOLD Vincent C Rapide, nonmatching, running and licensed in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.

Engine is Shadow spec plus. of the bike is from new parts, hand rolled aluminum fenders, new wheels, SS rims and spokes.

Top Gear video Race between a Steam Train, an XK and a Vincent Black Shadow.

Engine has been fully overhauled by Prince with modern carbs, MK cams, .cr pistons, Pazon ignition, v electrics, V clutch, etc..