September 29

movie ads in newspapersMichael Gingold

movie ads in newspapersMichael GingoldPublished by Publishing, this , full, hardbound book showcases over newspaper ads for horror films, includingFriday the th,The Evil Dead, andReAnimator, as well as a whole lot of less wellremembered titles.Ad Nauseamalso features annotations, and excerpts from reviews of more than movies, and interviews with the men behind exploitation distributor Aquarius Releasing.

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Today, a lot of horrormovie advertising has become homogenized, but the s were a true anythinggoes period for not just the films, but their print ads as well, Gingold tells EW. Part of the fun of being a horror n back then was poring through each Fridays paper, looking to see what shocking, creepy or outrageous s might be lurking in the movie section.Ad Nauseamis a booklength flashback to those days, and Im thrilled to have the opportunity to assemble all these ads in one place.

Ad Nauseam Newsprint Nightmares From the sis presented byRue Morgueand published in October. Gingold will previewAd Nauseamwith a presentation and booklaunch on Sunday, July at Montreals Fantasia International Film Festival.

Michael Gingold is a longtime writer and editor for the horror magazine, a current contributor to the similarly terrorcentric. Now, EW can exclusively reveal that Gingolds next book isAd Nauseam Newsprint Nightmares From the s