July 31

How to Disable FlaMovie Adssh Ads in Internet Explorer

How to Disable FlaMovie Adssh Ads in Internet ExplorerLaunch Internet Explorer in desktop mode, click the gear icon or click Tools, and then click Internet options.

Although Adobe Flash enables website developers to deliver a rich experience to their readers, many websites use Flash to deliver annoying ads. Flash ads can be ed in popup windows, as well as on the same Web . Furthermore, some flaws in Adobe Flash can be exploited by hackers. You can block Flash in Internet Explorer by disabling the builtin Flash addon. Alternatively, you can use ActiveX Filtering to enable Flash for trusted websites. An ad blocker addon is also useful at blocking all kinds of ads.

Click the Disable button near the bottom of the window and then click the Close button.

Click Close and then click Apply and OK.

Select All addons from the Show box to all addons installed in Internet Explorer and then select the Shockwave Flash Object item.

Click the Settings button and select the blocking level from the Blocking level box. To prevent all popup ads, select High Block all popups.

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Navigate to a that usually s ads to test the filtering. A blue crossed circle appears in the address bar and Flash content is not ed.

Open the Adblock Plus link in Resources in Internet Explorer and click the Install for Internet Explorer button.

Click the Run button and then click the Install button to install the addon in Internet Explorer.

Click the blue circle and click the Turn Off ActiveX Filtering button if you want to the Flash content.

Launch Internet Explorer in desktop mode, select Safety and then click ActiveX Filtering to enable it.

Launch Internet Explorer in desktop mode, click the gear icon and choose Manage addons from the menu to the Manage Addons window.

Visit a website to test the addon. To allow the popup Flash ads to , click the ABP icon at the bottom of the browser and choose Disable on [website]. You can disable the addon entirely if you click Disable everywhere.

Select the Privacy and check the Turn on Popup Blocker box to turn on the ad blocker.