September 29

Thanos Rips Through Japanese Newmovie ads in newspapersspaper in Awesome Infinity War Ad

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Michael B. Jordan Thinks Killmonger Can Beat Thanos

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Marvel ns have even gotten in on the humor portion of theInfinity Warpromotional campaign, poking fun at new character posters that feature the backsides of Captain America and Bucky as well as noticing that the creative department at Marvel has gotten pretty wild with the airbrushing ofTom Hollands SpiderMans genital region. Additionally, ns have been having fun with the lack of Jeremy Renners Hawkeye in the promotional material. Hawkeye has not been featured in any of the trailers or print ads, leading ns to create their own posters that solely picture Clint Barton in place of the rest of the crew inInfinity War.

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In a creative new ad forInfinity War, Thanos hand with theInfinity Gauntletcan be seen ripping through a Japanese newspaper. The forthcoming Marvel movie is only a few weeks from hitting theaters and the promotional campaign has ramped up accordingly, giving ns more footage through TV spots and creative print ads like the one seen in the Japanese newspaper. Just yesterday, Marvel ns were treated to minute of awesome new footage from the movie that had not ever been seen before, cranking up the hype machine an extra few notches in the process.

The promotional campaign forInfinity Warhas even started screenings of the first minutes of the movie and the response has been overwhelmingly positive from lucky viewers.Infinity Waris epic in scope as well as the way that its been promoting itself, and the new Japanese newspaper ad is proof of that. It seems odd to point out a print ad, but this one really needs to be seen to be believed. You can take a look at the newInfinity WarJapanese newspaper ad below, thanks to theRoaring Boar Instagramaccount.

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Thanos Rips Through Japanese Newspaper in Awesome Infinity War Ad

Infinity War Deleted Scene Explores Gamora Thanos Twisted Bond

While the new Japanese ad is pretty dark, lling in line with the official trailers fromnew promo featuring SpiderMan, we see his side kick Ned Leeds create a funny ersion on the school bus to allow Peter Parker to swing into action. Elsewhere, the latest TV spot for the movie contains some dark humor between Cap and Bucky before Okoye bemoans the ct that TChalla opened Wakanda to rest of the world, noting that a fullscale war was not in mind when she initially thought of the idea.

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Infinity War Deleted Scene Explores Gamora Thanos Twisted Bond

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Thanos Rips Through Japanese Newspaper in Awesome Infinity War Ad

The newInfinity Warad in the Japanese newspaper is a full and it features the shocked look from Tony Stark that weve seen in the trailers. But the coolest part is Thanos hand ripping through the paper with the Infinity Gauntlet, clutching theAvengersA logo, crushing it in the process. Its a particularly heavy piece of ry considering what we know about Josh Brolins Thanos and his motives. The battle is going to be brutal and not everybody is going to surviveInfinity War.