August 21

Es gibt neue Änderungen in der chinesischen Brautpreiskarte.Sehen Sie, wie viel Geld Ihr Heimatstadt-Standard ist.

Es gibt neue Änderungen in der chinesischen Brautpreiskarte: Wie viel kostet es, in Ihrer Heimatstadt zu heiraten? Vor vier Jahren, eine „Brautpreis bundesweit Karte“ auf dem beliebten Microblogging, markierte die Figur eine Ehe Brautpreis beträgt rund China Kartenform cocktailkleid online, Triggern heiß. Nach einer Untersuchung stellte der Reporter fest, dass sich diese “Farbkarte” in vier Jahren stark verändert hat.
Es gibt neue Änderungen in der chinesischen Brautpreiskarte.Sehen Sie, wie viel Geld Ihr Heimatstadt-Standard ist.
Es gibt neue Änderungen in der chinesischen Brautpreiskarte.Sehen Sie, wie viel Geld Ihr Heimatstadt-Standard ist.
Am 23. Januar holten die Dorfbewohner des Dorfes Xiaohuang im Landkreis Congjiang, Provinz Guizhou, einen Brautpreis ab. Strahlquelle
Volkszeitung promi kleider 2017, 20 Nachrichten Februar: „Die ganze Familie fertig, völlig fertig.“ Mit Blick auf den Resten des roten „doppeltes Glück“ Wortes auf seiner Sohn Raumtür, Tangyin Anyang City, Henan Provinz, Road Town, 67-jährige Chen alter Mann widerstehen kann nicht zahlen Alte Tränen. Vor dem Frühlingsfest in diesem Jahr, er und seine Frau zu einer Ehe in der Grafschaft Erwerb von Wohnungen und 110.000 Yuan Geldgeschenken, bis 27-jährigen Sohn heirateten einen Profi. Zu diesem Zweck erschöpfte das alte Ehepaar nicht nur seine Ersparnisse, sondern schuldete auch mehr als 200.000 Yuan. Unerwartet, die Hochzeitsnacht, die Paar 110.000 Yuan Geldgeschenke zu diesem erbitterten Streit, der jüngste Sohn von Wut, die Braut getötet, die beiden Familien und die Gemeinschaft einen großen Schmerz verlassen zu haben.
Die Tragödie ist peinlich, und das schwere Geschenk ist der Initiator. Ein paar Meter von dem Stoffe der 1950er Jahre nach der Reform und Öffnung „drei zu eins Ring“ (Fahrräder, Uhren, Nähmaschinen und Radios), bis heute an einigen Stellen mit hundert Dollar-Schein „zwei Pfunde und“ einig Haus Die “großen Zeremonien”, die dem Ort ständig hinzugefügt werden, sind überwältigende gewöhnliche Eltern wie Chen Laohan.
Ursprünglich ist ein Höflichkeitsgebräu, warum steigt der Brautpreis ständig? Wie kann man diese soziale Gewohnheit ausmerzen, indem man die Gewohnheiten ändert? In diesem Zusammenhang führte unser Reporter eine entsprechende Untersuchung durch.
Der westliche Teil ist hoch im Osten und niedrig im niedrigen Berggebiet.
Vor vier Jahren, eine „Brautpreis bundesweit Karte“ auf dem beliebten Microblogging, markierte die Figur eine Ehe Brautpreis beträgt rund China Kartenform, Triggern heiß. Nach einer Untersuchung stellte der Reporter fest, dass sich diese “Farbkarte” in vier Jahren stark verändert hat. Viele von ihnen, besonders in ländlichen Gebieten, haben nicht nur ihren Brautpreis verdoppelt, sondern auch Häuser und Autos sind zu Standardhochzeiten geworden.
Xiao An, 27 Jahre alt (sollte vom Interviewer abgefragt werden)

August 16

Luxury Bathroom Accessories – A few top options to consider

If you are aspiring to give your bathroom a classy and luxurious look, you will inevitably require the Luxury Bathroom Accessories. If you can install the right types of accessories that will suit and complement the design of the bathrooms, these items will add more grace and elegance to the appearance of the room, in addition to serving utilities. Lets explore a few worthy alternatives that you can pick for this category.

Luxury Bathroom Accessories

The Bathroom TV and music systems
One the top choice in the category of the Luxury Bathroom Accessories is that of the TV set and music systems for the bathrooms. Such designs are commonly seen in the modern homes as well as in the luxurious hotels. These days, the design of the bathroom gets equal importance as the design of the other rooms and you can be assured that it will make the place look luxurious.

Stylish bath and shower
You can relish the luxury of availing spa in the house, installing the luxurious bath and shower hardware. These items come in various sizes and designs and you can easily find the items that can accommodate it within the minimum space. Installation of these stylish accessories will elevate the grace of the place, significantly.

Fashionable Lights
Another top choice in the category of the Luxury Bathroom Accessories is that of the light, coming with fashionable light shades. You can opt for the ones that are either mounted on the walls or suspended from the ceiling. Installation of these lights will ensure adequate lamination of the space that will make it appear classy and elegant.

In addition, you can opt for the pieces like the designers shelves, cosmetic mirrors, Rails & Rings for the towel, soap dishes and dispensers and various other items, each serving specific utilities, and adding to the show of the place.

Luxury Bathroom Accessories
Luxury Bathroom Accessories – Homerises

A great interior design will do that but will also show you how to pull your bathroom together with the smaller details such as decorative bathroom accessories, including: rugs, bath mats, shower curtains & shower ogranizational baskets, soap dispensers & dishes, and bathroom hardware (towel bars, rings, hooks)
Bathroom | Luxury Bathroom Accessories
Transform your bathroom into a relaxing spa with our range of luxury bathroom accessories. From soft towels with high quality gsm weights, to bathroom bins, …

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When a Twin Cimovie theater adsties movie theater vanishes it takes neighborhood history with it

Twins preview Taking the next giant step

Wilds strong outing vs. best in the West nets Boudreau career win

When a Twin Cities movie theater vanishes, it takes neighborhood history with it

The Westgate, like all the other small neighborhood theaters, told thousands of stories to thousands of people. The day the doors were locked was the day the neighborhood lost a piece of its identity.

Death of Stalin director walked a narrow line between satire and terror

William Greene, assistant manager of the theater in the s, explained in an email

women in Kitchen Twin Cities ile artists, culinary pros cook up art

In the March of , with high hopes, Hal Ashbys Harold and Maudewas booked after a disastrous first run at the World Theatre in downtown Minneapolis. It was also a disaster nationwide, pulled from theaters after only a couple of weeks and left to be forgotten and it would have been except for the Westgate.

In new HBO show, Saturday Night Live vet Bill Hader proves hes much more than Stefon

They came from a place of heartbreak to claim their spot in history Hundreds of thousands of teenagers and supporters, rallying across the United States for tougher laws to fight gun violence.

From October to April, we bring you into one Beautiful Garden a month.

Heartbroken by gun violence Rallies across US demand change

But it wasnt enough. The Westgate killed the lights in . The cade was stripped of its theatrical ornamentation and it was remade into a dry cleaning shop.

Minneapolis sibling tax accountants are crazy like Foxes for artist clients

Watch out, Guthrie These suburban theaters are breaking into the big leagues

Summoned to action by student survivors of the Florida school shooting, hundreds of thousands of teenagers and their supporters rallied in the nations capital and U.S. citiesto press for gun control in one of the biggest youth protests since the Vietnam era.

Minnesota Twins season preview Will new frontoffice perspective drive wins?

The story behind Westgate Theater, a movie house for what was once the streetcar suburb of Morningside.

Video review Last Jedi lives up to the legend

But his retirement project didnt turn out like hed imagined.

Industry lobbyists push back on Minnesota elder care reforms

Minnesotans add passion, voices to D.C. march on gun control

Owner Carl Fust, whod been an insurance agent, and before that a violinist for the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra, called the theater his retirement project. On its debut, he hired a small orchestra, which he conducted.

Steven Soderberghs Unsane is insanely creepy

With its seats, the theater was half the of the Edina Theater, just six blocks away. The larger theater got the big pictures everyone wanted to see; the Westgate got the leftovers.

Beauty secrets and shortcuts of an artfully composed garden in St. Paul

Castelluccio Le More Romagna Sangiovese Lovers of Chianti and those who merely like it should be looking beyond Tuscany for dandy sangiovese. It

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No pronity, vulgarity, racial slurs or personal attacks.

Watch out, Guthrie These suburban theaters are breaking into the big leagues

FileIn later years, Westgate ran overlooked films, but the neighborhood protested after two years of Harold and Maude, top. After it closed, the theater was stripped of its marquee, middle. Actress Tippi Hedren, who grew up in Morningside, visited the theater.

Women surge into elections, from county board to Congress

The leader of Googles selfdriving car spinoff Waymo says he is confident in the companys technology and its capability to interact with pedestrians.

Movies changed weekly and the theater just survived. This changed in , when an overlooked comedy by Mel Brooks, TheTwelve Chairs, opened and played for an incredible weeks. Then in another overlooked comedy, Wheres Poppa?, played for an unheardof weeks. The Westgate was getting a reputation for saving small overlooked films.

Wine of the Week Castelluccio Le More Romagna Sangiovese Superiore

Not every movie theater deserves an elegy. But small neighborhood theaters do. They played a role that no other community business could perform They were embassies of the world beyond, a place where you could immerse yourself in the jokes and tropes of the day, where youd see News of the World! and worry about Hitler, then laugh your way through a comic short before settling in for the feature film.

Sinkers vs. floaters a matzo ball tasteoff for Passover

Hundreds of thousands decry guns This just needs to stop

undertheradar restaurants to try right now in the Twin Cities

The Ann Bancroft Foundation, founded by the polar explorer, funds Minnesota girls dreams

Burger Friday Channeling InNOut inspiration in the North Loop

Review More Than True The Wisdom of Fairy Tales, by Robert Bly

Its Aaron Burr, sir Hamilton star talks about shows with Minnesota Orchestra

Local organizations are fighting for refugees

It looks like it used to be something other than a dry cleaners shop.

Now the block is slated for demolition and redevelopment; a residential project has been announced for the site. Cant say when the old building will disappear, but if youre in the mood to say rewell, dont wait.

By the end of , Fust was in iling heath. He died the next year and his retirement project was purchased by the owners of the Edina.

In later years, Westgate ran overlooked films, but the neighborhood protested after two years of Harold and Maude.

By the time the movie went into its third year, indignant Minnesotans had had enough, and they picketed the theater. The marquee finally changed in , and the new hits played Silver Streak, Annie Hall.

At Minneapolis museum, a tiny doll provokes a big conversation around race

Living up to the legend No Star Wars movie since has hypnotized audiences with didntseethatcoming plot twists as neatly as Star Wars The

It did. It was the Westgate Theater, a movie house for what was then the streetcar suburb of Morningside.

At least it had a good pedigree It was designed by the firm of Liebenberg and Kaplan, a Minneapolis architectural firm considered the masters of s .

It is. But wouldnt it be even better if it were right around the corner?

Each Saturday, Star Tribune writers showcase Minnesota architecture.

Alleyoop dunk in last seconds leads CretinDerham Hall past Apple Valley

Lorde salutes Prince at St. Paul show and gushes about His Royal Badness

Innovative food rescue efforts allow food bank to give away fresh food

If you were to find yourself at the intersection of Sunnyside Road and France Avenue S. to grab a burger at the Convention Grill or pick up a slice at Hello Pizza you might wonder about the building across the street. A structure, painted white, with no particular distinguishing except for the big square cade.

Youre thinking OK, great, nostalgia, history, community, all that, but come on. Rockerback seats reserved online, Dolby sound, digital projection. Its better now.

When it opened in , the modest Westgate merited just a few lines in the Minneapolis Star. The theater embodies the latest in design, including such features as exterior and interior indistinct lighting as well as the latest in cooling and air conditioning.


For example Morningside had one police officer, according to the Edina Historical Societys history of the Westgate. He patrolled the neighborhood until his retirement at age . If duties were light, hed head over to the theater for a break. His wife took the police calls at their home, so if he was needed, shed know what to do Call the manager, ask him to go tap George on the shoulder.

In the s and s, neighborhood theaters were fell one by one. They couldnt compete with the theaters in the suburbs, which had larger screens and more parking. To survive, the Westgate came up with a gimmick It played one movie the same movie. Every day. For years.

Racial dynamic draws focus in case vs. Noor in Damond killing

Industry lobbyists push back on Minnesota elder care reforms

Iowa mily died of gas asphyxiation at Mexican resort

Host Paige Davis talks nuts and bolts of Trading Spaces reboot

For years, the Westgate was just one of many small neighborhood theaters, but it served a role in the community. The Edina Historical Society the suburb absorbed Morningside in collected some memories of the theater, and its the stuff of small towns.

Roseanne is back and shes a proud Trump deplorable

Friends across generations Profiles of connections between people of different ages

Minnesotans add passion, voices to D.C. march on gun control

Urban castle in downtown Mpls. back on market for .M after brewery pulls out

How you can help when natural disasters strike

CEO says Waymo dedicated to safe selfdriving technology

Chicago Fire actress DuShon Monique Brown dead at

Shakopee schools chief looks to heal troubled district and himself

Bookmark NB awards ceremony is an evening of books, writers and words

Jann Wenner says MeToo suffers from absence of due process

Mapping the flu? Minnesota says theres an app for that

Vote for your vorite Minnesota breweries in the Foamy Four

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British Newspapers and Magazinesmovie ads in newspapers

UK news aggregator that allows you to search the latest news headlines by category or keyword.

One of the top news providers on the web. News reports are supplemented with audio and video coverage.

Rupert Murdochs loid known for its sensational headlines and pictures of topless girls.

Tabloid, traditionally supportive of the Labour party.

Rightwing loid specialising in pictures of underdressed models.

One of the worlds leading business and politics newspapers with a global outlook.

Online news service providing breaking UK and world news, sport, entertainment and business stories.

Find UK political and parliamentary news, interviews, analysis, comment, blogs and podcasts.

Slightly conservative, the oldest British national daily.

Newspaper of the Communist Party of Great Britain.

Platform for the best student journalism. Written by student journalists from across the UK to bring the best coverage from campuses in the UK.

Latest news, business, sport, comment, life and culture.

British top satirical magazine. Also runs gossip and investigative material.

Evening newspaper brought to you by the publishers of theDaily Mail. Complete London entertainment guide.

British magazine publishing a range of dissident views.

London based journal covering politics, economics, and culture of a contemporary nonconformism.

UK oldest Sunday newspaper, now linked with the Guardian.

Literary and political magazine, devoted to promoting liberalism across the globe.

Daily paper of the left. Formerly the newspaper of the Communist Party.

Information portal providing daily British news and essential information on living in, working in or moving to UK.

Digital news magazine for the UK that highlights some of the best news and culture content from across the independent web.

Newspaper providing theatre and broadcasting news.

British television news site serving as portal for ITV News, IRN, Channel News, and News.

Indepth coverage of political and economic events throughout the world.

Newspaper for young people and the widestread childrens publication in the country

Provides essential UK and world business news daily.

Daily liberal broadsheet with a wide international coverage.

August 2

The Drive In memoir survivor recounts IW brdrive in newspaper adsidge collapse

The protesters gathered in a circle, chanted and took a knee.

Pawlenty, Walz hold fundraising leads over their rivals

Follow news about traffic and commuting at The Drive on . Have traffic or transportation questions, or story ideas? Email , tweet stribdrive or call Tim Harlow at .

Minneapolis hires firm to investigate how draft report on ketamine use was leaked

Facebook finds sophisticated efforts to disrupt elections

Thirteen people should still be here, she said in a phone interview.

DFL in bitter clash with Senate candidate Richard Painter

SUSSEX, Wis. _ Quad/Graphics Inc. QUAD on Tuesday reported secondquarter profit of . million.On a pershare basis, the Sus, Wisconsinbased company said it had net

When rape is reported in Minnesota and nothing happens

St. Pauls Heirloom restaurant is closing, tonight

No pronity, vulgarity, racial slurs or personal attacks.

Vikings owners plan story apartment tower in Minneapolis

Judge John Tunheim calls allegations precisely of conduct that sows immigrants distrust of law enforcement.

Diggs big deal million over five years from the Vikings

The Latest Protesters block light rail in Minneapolis

Vikings owners plan story apartment tower in Minneapolis

The research is a really big part of the book, said Brown, who is the daughter of former Minnesota Vikings running back Bill Boom Boom Brown. I am hopeful that by understanding the truth, why it fell, we can stop something from happening again. I look forward to having readers know more about why the bridge fell.

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Brown will discuss her book at  p.m. Wednesday in the Kay Fredericks Ballroom of the Klas Center at Hamline University, W. Taylor Av., St. Paul.

Prosecutors Paul Manafort believed he was above the law

The Latest on a demonstration to protest the lack of charges against two Minneapolis police officers who tally shot a black man last month all times local

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Judge blocks release of blueprints for Dprinted guns

Acting as a whistleblower to point out decaying infrastructure across the state, Brown recounts how she sent letters and photos of other bridges in disrepair to MnDOT, pleading with the agency to fix them. Repairs were later made to a bridge railing in New Ulm and to a pier on I in downtown Minneapolis, and the Cayuga bridge on IE in St. Paul was replaced.

The Drive In memoir, survivor recounts IW bridge collapse

Annual US worker pay gains rose at stest pace since

Facebook finds sophisticated efforts to disrupt elections

Titled The IW Bridge Collapse A Survivors Account of Americas Crumbling Infrastructure published by Potomac Books, an imprint of the University of Nebraska Press, the book was years in the . In s, she takes readers from her frantic dash to safety after escaping the wreckage through the valley of emotional pain that followed to bouts with posttraumatic stress disorder triggered even years later when crossing bridges or going into parking ramps. The constant fear that bad things would happen.

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Judge Federal suit by Ramsey woman turned over to ICE after fenderbender can proceed

Metro Transit cuts bus service to improve reliability amid driver shortage

I have no way of knowing [if my letters made a difference], but as a citizen it is the best outcome I could hope for, Brown wrote. Maybe Im enough of a pain in the neck that its easier just to fix the bridges. Whatever transpired, my feelings can be summed up in one word. Hallelujah.

Amid her firsthand account of survival and recovery, Brown weaves in tales about her quest to learn the real reason the bridge fell. She read countless documents and inspection reports and consulted with bridge experts. She discovered that bent gusset plates and design error, the original reasons given for the collapse, werent the full story. Rusted bearings and a iled superstructure contributed to the collapse. In case you dont know what that means, the IT technical writer boils down the complex subject of bridge construction and their components and presents them in terms that an average citizen can understand.

DFL in bitter clash with Senate candidate Richard Painter

Metro Transit says no more regular service cuts are planned, but State Fair service will be altered.

DFL in bitter clash with Senate candidate Richard Painter

Wednesday marks the th anniversary of the Interstate W bridge collapse in Minneapolis, and the haunting s were ed on television screens and newspaper websites worldwide the school bus packed with kids pinned against a broken guardrail as a nearby semi burned, car after car dangling from broken slabs of concrete and twisted steel, other cars plummeting more than feet to the river below, and smoke billowing into the air.

Its all still real for Kimberly J. Brown, who was riding in one of the cars on the bridge on her way to a soccer game when she became part of one of the most horrific and tragic events ever to occur on Minnesota roads. This month she is out with a new memoir in which she recounts her brush with death and the nagging guilt she felt afterward, knowing that she survived while other innocent people did not.

In a matter of seconds, bridge No. broke apart during the evening rush hour on Aug. , , sending people to their deaths and injuring more.

Funnel cake beer, more new beverages coming to State Fair

Diggs big deal million over five years from the Vikings

Protesters decry Blevins death, block light rail in downtown MinneapolisThe Drive In memoir survivor recounts IW brdrive in newspaper adsidge collapse

August 2

Is This Treasure Trove of Movie Ads From the Heyday of Newspapers Worth Million?movie ads in newspapers

Is This Treasure Trove of Movie Ads From the Heyday of Newspapers Worth Million?movie ads in newspapersSomeone didnt do their homework and it wasnt the writer!

From Hospital Gowns to Paper Couture The Unlikely Origins of s DisposableDresses

If you want toidentify an item, try posting it inour Show Tell gallery.

If the buyer were to make prints from the original vintage plates, they would be considered restrikes, certainly not reproductions.

For our purposes, Kelleys story begins in the s when he enlisted in the Navy. Right away, that should tell you something about the aspirations of the landlocked Nebraskan. But alas, Kelley did not see the world during his stint in the Navy. In ct, its believed he was stationed in California near Los Angeles for his entire tour.

From ful Victorian trade cards of the s to the Super Bowl commerci

The Great Wallpaper Rebellion Defending Flamboyance in a World of WhiteWalls

I flew out there with my cinematographer, Nathaniel Hansen, and we really hit it off with DJ and Marilyn, Roffman says. Our first half day there was spent doing nothing but looking through boxes, just trying to find things we wanted to film. We had a fun time the movie, and I think DJ and Marilyn were happy with it, but both Nathaniel and I wish we had budgeted three or four more days to be out there. We didnt have nearly enough time to look through the whole collection.

Print blocks, Franchi believes, are similarly immune from the constraints of copyright law. Newspapers wouldnt run stills if they had to get copyright permission every time, he says, so the cuts were not copyrighted. If you were just reprinting them on paper, then you were not changing their use. That was the key.

That quaint little world of finite supply and demand was blown to smithereensas thoroughly as the planet Alderaanin November , when DJ Ginsberg and Marilyn Wagner of Omaha were invited into the back room of a local store called Franx Antiques and Art. Thats where they first encountered a cache of plus cardboard boxes filled with more than , assortedd print blocks, plus another , or so printing plates, all featuring advertisements for movies produced from to the early s. It was literally tons of stuff, and it had been sitting in that back room, undisturbed, for roughly two decades, when Franx purchased it for several thousand dollars from its Omaha neighbor KB Typesetting.

Roffman says that the most hes ever spent on a print block is , but Ginsberg and Wagner have seen them sell for much, much more. But even so, where does Franchi get his to million appraisal?

Color residue on the suce of many print blocks is usually not ink. Its a sealer thats intended to protect the metal from oxidizing. Image via The Collection.

A selection of print plates made by KB Typesetting. Image viaGuernseys.

She could wear it in her corset, where it would be a constant reminder of his loveprobably because it was uncomforle.

Print plates, such as this example for King Kong, were used to make paper print sheets so that movietheater managers could choose the ad they wanted to run. Newspapers would then order the print block in that from KB Typesetting. Images viaGuernseys.

And thats why Ginsberg and Wagners collection of print blocks, percent of which Ginsberg says are in good enough condition to be used for restrikes, could easily be worth the million Franchi says it is, if not a whole lot more.

The potential for producing and selling authorized, limitededition restrikes on archival paper for films such as The Wizard of Oz and Gone With the Wind are one of the main reasons with Ginberg and Wagners collection is valued so highly. Images viaGuernseys.

A selfdescribed massive movie buff, Roffman let his curiosity lead him on a journey to learn all he could about print blocks, including where to find more. I started hunting for them in antiques stores, at thrift shops, and at antiques irs, he says, but I wasnt finding very many. A few people online had small collections, so I started buying from them. Eventually my wife bought me two movie blocks for Christmas, and included with those blocks was a Xerox of a newspaper article about DJ and Marilyn from the Omaha World Herald. When I read it, I was like, Oh, my God, I have to see that collection! And if I was going to see it, I knew I should make a movie about it.

During depositions prior to the trial, Warner Bros. got schooled on the limits of its ownership of The Wizard of Oz. Among other things, they learned that movie posters were never copyrighted because, as Franchi puts it, The last thing the studios wanted to do was copyright a poster because that would inhibit its distribution. No copyright, no copyright protection. Warner Bros. dropped the case before it even went to trial.

Marilyn Wagner checks a print plate against its inventory entry. Image via The Collection.

I wish they would sell the blocks inidually. I wont be bidding on the entire collection; but, Id pay a few hundred bucks, each, for the few blocks plates that I would love to have.

I have a Coca Cola war printing plate , bronze, w/two soldiers, one Canadian, one American, drinking CocaCola.

Hogancamps Heroes How Playing With Dolls Lets a HateCrime Survivor FightBack

Naturally, Ginsberg and Wagner had to have it all. So, they scraped together the money to purchase the collection from Franx and find a place to store it, and proceeded to load all those boxes, albeit a few at a time, into Ginsbergs car.

Personally, Ive seen these cuts go as high as dollars each when sold separately.

While some documentarians view themselves as journalists, Roffman is hardly a dispassionate observer when it comes to print blockshis personal horde of print blocks is up to about pieces, all of which he has collected in the last four years.

Franchi learned firsthand about this strange corner of copyright law when he was hired as an expert witness in the trial of an entrepreneur who was reprinting old movie posters. It was a massive lawsuit, Franchi says. This fellow was selling his reprints in Walmart and Target by the tens of thousands. So Warner Bros., which had the rights to The Wizard of Oz, sued him.

The price of the blocks themselves depends on the film being advertised and the condition of the block. Sometimes print blocks are in great shape, like that first one Roffman bought in , but others are not, or at least they dont look it. That means a sharpeyed collector can get a good deal if they know what they are looking at. I bought a Lawrence of Arabia once, Roffman says. The person selling it didnt seem to realize that all of the dried ink on it was not permanent. It looked really rough and beatup when I received it in the mail, but after I soaked it in vinegar for a minute and wiped it off, it was as good as new. It probably would have sold for times the price I paid if the seller had known how to clean it.

Not Your Grandmas Cuckoo Decapitating, RatEating Clocks of the BlackForest

What happens to the collection next is anyones guess, but before we speculate on its future, lets take a moment to look back at how several tons of print blocks found their way into the back room of Franx Antiques and Art in the first place. To do that, we need to meet a man named Loren Kelley, whose halfcentury of unheralded doggedness and diligence is one of those classic American stories that Hollywood loves.

This article needs more research. First, very, very few large, rare, original, movie posters are selling for more than ,, much less more than ,. By definition, none of these cuts meet any of these criteria. Second, the better analogy is to reproduction photographs. What a rare original photo of say Ansel Adams sells for is in no way related to what a reproduction will sell for even from the original negative. And by the way, what do original cuts from newspapers sell for? Very little. percent of these cuts as reproductions will not sell and arent worth very much and if someone wanted to put hundreds, much less thousands of the blocks on the market it would soon be flooded with them as the market of collectors for negative zinc blocks is very thin. Consider how few people have the ability and means to produce in any kind of commercial way genuine prints from these blocks to monetize them. Further, the lack of a copyright, as suggested, if accurate, also works against the creation of reproductions by whomever buys these. I dont think the writer has done sufficient research on copyright the mous Mickey Mouse copyright case may also apply, for example, to other Disney cuts, reducing any value they have in their reproduction. One avenue that might be monitizable would be the use and availability of these s through a Getty, Thinkstock or other services, but again, percent of these s have little or no commercial value even in this kind of venue. I do not think any credible auction house would put a value at more than a fraction of the figures bandied about in this article, and none would guarantee it, and thats a guarantee

My poor Corsica got beat to death, Ginsberg tells me when we spoke over the phone recently. But the Corsica was the least of Ginsberg and Wagners worries Like the proverbial dog chasing the milk truck, the bigger question confronting the two friends was what to do with their prize now that they had caught it.

Ancient Androids Even Before Electricity, Robots Freaked PeopleOut

I have fifty years in dealing in this sort of thing.

By , when A Hard Days Night was released, print plates were mostly glued to their blocks, so this print block has no visible nails. Images via The Collection.

At one point my wife said to me, Exactly how many of these are you going to buy?

After checking out the website on this collection and doing a little homework about the appraiser, Im surprised the appraisal wasnt much higher. I also learned that even IMDb doesnt have some of these s. i.e. Lost Art!

Hunting Down the Most Collectible Movie Posters, from s Horror to sSciFi

The ct that Roffman was a collector helped him gain Ginsberg and Wagners trust. Coincidentally, the pair was also getting ready to put their collection on the market, so the timing was perfect for a film.

Youre comparing apples to oranges since you dont know the difference between a reproduction vs a restrike.

Whether its ntasizing about the life of a movie star or wishing you live

Its also what makes the collection of some , objects coming up for auction worth the to million that Franchi says theyre worth and that Guernseys hopes theyll bring. Its not only what they are, but also their potential. Indeed, the future value of the print blocks as a group is an important part of Franchis appraisal calculation.

For his part, Roffman has made a few restrikes of his own with the print blocks that hes collected. In ct, the poster for The Collection is composed of more than restrikes, featuring ads for everything fromElvis Presleyin Girl Happy to Natalie Wood in West Side Story.

I was like, Oh, my God, I have to see that collection!

Some of the blocks in the collection are iconic films such as Casablanca and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Images viaGuernseys.

A well known movie poster appraiser put the value on this collection based on the ct that its the only collection of its kind in existence and the ct that the s can be printed on several different substraits.

Obviously, thats a lot of money, but restrikes are not movie posters. And, Franchi says, Appraisals cant predict the future. In general, when you appraise something, you appraise whats in front of you, not its potential. But here, the real value was that one could print thousands of limitededition prints. In other words, the potential value of what Ginsberg and Wagner had collected, a cache that is almost certainly oneofakind, could not be ignored.

They called me in , Franchi explains, and they said, Maybe you can help us. I knew right away what they had because Id seen cuts over the years, but never more than three or four at a time. They were regarded as curiosities from the Stone Age ofprinting. But all of a sudden, here were thousands of them, from The Mummy through Star Wars. We talked for quite a while.

As for the copyright, the appraiser of this collection was called as an expert witness on several cases involving copyright issues and probably knows more about the laws governing the restrikes and this collection of original movie material then most attorneys.

In , Franchi says, many vintage movie posters were selling for around , rarely into the thousands. But the week that I did my second appraisal, Heritage Auctions sold a Dracula for half a million dollars. These days, its not uncommon for posters advertising major films to sell for , to ,.

Upon returning to Omaha in around , Kelley set up shop as KB Typesetting, leveraging the relationships he had eslished with numerous Hollywood studios. The studios already liked Kelley for the quality of his work, but now that he was in Omaha, KB Typesetting became a preferred place to manucture these allimportant Hollywood advertising assetsfrom Omaha, it was as easy to send print blocks to Chicago as it was to send them to New Orleans or New York. As luck would have it, KB would become one of only a handful of companies that made print blocks, and it may have been the biggest. Thus, in his own quiet way, Loren Kelley became one of the most influential movie marketers of the first half of the th century.

Prints blocks manuctured by KB Typesetting, such as this one for Fiddler on the Roof, have numbers stamped into the sides so that they were easily identifiable by compositors working in busy newspaper press rooms. Image via The Collection.

Once upon a time, in a galaxy suspiciously similar to our own, people decided whatmoviesto see on Friday nights and at Saturday matinees by thumbing the s of their dailynewspapersuntil their fingers were dark with ink. Eventually, after much rustling and folding, theyd arrive at the papers entertainment section, where single, andgraphics advertisements for the latest flickers from Hollywood promised thrills, chills, action, laughs, and romance. There were no multimilliondollar marketing campaigns, no targeted ads on social media guided by insidious psychometric profiles. Primitive as it sounds, black ink on white newsprint was the primary means of enticing people to spend two bits on a movie ticket.

Cleaning the suce of an old print block is easily accomplished with vinegar and a wire brush. Image via The Collection.

All the genres are represented in the KB Typesetting collection, includingWesterns. Images viaGuernseys.

Fortunately, one night after their weighty acquisition, Ginsberg and Wagner were watching Antiques Roadshow on television, and in that episode, movieposter expertRudy Franchihappened to be doing an appraisal.

Casablanca Poster sold for ,

Metal and wood , the cabinets designed to hold these blocky letters and

Filmmaker Adam Roffman made the poster for his movie out of restrikes of print blocks in his personal collection. Image via The Collection.

Hippies, Guns, and LSD The San Francisco Rock Band That Was Too Wild For theSixties

Hoarders, Hauntings, and TwoHeaded Cows Dealing Dead PeoplesThings

King Kong Poster sold for ,

For Franchi, the answer lies in what new prints, or restrikes, made from all those , print blocks could be worth, and that number, he believes, is closely related to the market for movie posters.

The Black Cat Poster sold for ,

To supplement his Navy pay and give purpose to what must have been a grindingly dull peacetime tour, Kelley spent his offduty hours working for printing companies, which meant he did a lot of projects for Hollywood movie studios. In those days, as the silentfilm era was becoming the age of the talkies, studios hired printers to produce everything fromlobby cardstomovie postersfor their films. These materials did a good job of catching the eyes of patrons already in movie theaters, but what about lesscaptive audiences? To reach this larger pool of potential customers, the studios needed to get into peoples living rooms and join them for breakst at their kitchen les. Studios quickly learned that they could do both by advertising their upcoming motion pictures in newspapers.

While Roffmans film focuses almost exclusively on the print blocks, Ginsberg and Wagners collection also includes thousands of print plates, which were used to print one sample sheets showing all the possible ad configurations for a given film. Take a movie like Gone With the Wind, Roffman says. The print plate for a movie like that would be an byinch metal sheet that would have seven or eight ad s on it, in different shapes and designs, too. A paper print from that plate would be sent to the movie theaters so the managers could decide what they wanted to run on week one, week two, and so on. The movietheater manager would then take that print to their local newspaper and say, I want this ad on this date, and that ad on that date, which was the information the newspaper needed before they ordered print blocks from KB Typesettingnewspapers only ordered the s they needed.

Franchi was due to be in Des Moines, Iowa, soon for a Roadshow taping, so he offered to swing by Omaha, which is not too r away. Meanwhile, Franchi says, I was talking to the people at Roadshow about the collection, and they said, Well, if youre going there, why dont you bring back a few blocks, and well do a special segment on them. So, I went to Omaha and saw the collection, which was amazing, grabbed some cuts, and headed back to Des Moines. In the end, Ginsberg and Wagner joined Franchi for the segment. Then they hired me to do a formal appraisal of the whole collection. At that time, , I estimated its value at . million. Thats when things got out of hand. They went on Oprah, they were all over television, in newspapers, everything.

If Kelleys story is a bit of a mystery, Ginsberg and Wagners is less so, thanks to Oprah, all that publicity the pair received in the early s, and Roffmans minute documentary. Screened in at film festivals from Austin to Anchorage, and available for free viewing anytime onVimeo, The Collection has introduced an entirely new audience to Ginsberg and Wagners story, as well as to the role print blocks once played in promoting movies.

Our heroplayed, perhaps, by a young Henry Fondais a son of Omaha, and if you have not figured it out by now, he would one day become the K in KB Typesetting the B was his partner, Joseph Bondi. Hes also the guy who sold all those tons of print blocks and plates to Franx some time in the early s.

Creating the zinc plates that made these intrusions possible became one of Kelleys chief nonnaval skills. In ct, according to DJ Ginsberg, Kelley was very good at the art of photo etching zinc that metal was eventually replaced by magnesium and mounting these reversed s of movie advertisements onto blocks of wood, which were cut into numerous, standard, newspapercolumn s. When these print blocks were sent to newspapers, they would be placed amid rows and columns of and other blocks, given a coat of ink, and run through a press, resulting in a positive on the . In this way, print blocks helped people answer the question of what movie to see on Friday night or at the Saturday matinee.

To learn more about Ginsberg and Wagners collection, visittheir websiteorGuernseys. You can also watch Adam Roffmans short documentary, The Collection, atVimeo. Special thanks to Tim Sawyer.

The owner of this print block could start selling prints of this Star Wars ad tomorrow. Image via The Collection.

As for collecting, Roffmans slowed down. At one point my wife said to me, Exactly how many of these are you going to buy? Still, Roffman does keep an eye out for obscure titles. I saw a print block for sale of The Ghost and Mr. Chicken with Don Knotts, he says. The seller wanted something like for it. I offered because Im a n of that movie, but they said, No thanks, somebody will buy it. And somebody did.

Even more primitive were the physical advertising assets themselves, which were initially made out of etched zinc plates that were subsequently mounted onto blocks of wood. One of the handful of companies that manuctured these print blocks or cuts, as they were variously known, was KB Typesetting, whose location in Omaha, Nebraska, made it a convenient hub from which to ship print blocks to newspapers around the country. Typically, these blocks were tossed in the trash when a newspaper had finished with them, but enough of these articts of movieadvertising history survived to create a small market for print blocks among diehard moviememorabilia collectors.

DJ Ginsberg, Omaha, Nebraska, . Image via The Collection.

Think about that for a minute In Hollywood, actors, directors, and producers are only as good as their last hit, yet Kelley treated all of the ads he produced for the more than , movies that crossed his work le with equal regard, from runofthemill Bmovies to The Wizard of Oz, Casablanca, and Gone With the Wind. Did he do it out of pride of workmanship? Was he secretly a devoted movie n? The truth is, well never know, because other than the foregoing, little is known about Loren Kelley. Still, its a safe bet that when he retired in the early s and decided to unload his lifes work for a relatively paltry sum at Franx, it did not cross his mind that one day the physical products of his career would be valued at million.

The plates stayed in Omaha, where they were saved for posterity by Kelley. The blocks were sent to the newspapers, where they were used and then, in most cases, tossed in a furnace, which is what makes Kelleys decision to keep an extra archival set of every block he made at KB such a gift to movie historians and collectors.

Guernseys wouldnt be involved if they harbored great doubts about the salability of the collection.

Top A selection of the , or so print blocks owned by DJ Ginsberg and Marilyn Wagner. Above When purchased in , their blocks filled more than boxes weighing several tons. Both s via The Collection.

But what was really weird, amazing, and even inexplicable about Kelley was his early decision to save at least one example of every block and plate he produced.

In the top , one can see the small nails that have been pounded through the zinc plate and into the block. Because the heads of the nails are not raised as high above the plate as its inked suces, they do not appear on the final ad bottom . Images via The Collection.

Masher Menace When American Women First Confronted Their SexualHarassers

I was shooting a short documentary in Connecticut, Roffman tells me, referring to the day in when he purchased his first print block. One of the people I interviewed owned an antiques store in Waterbury. It looked like a hoarders house, filled wall to wall with these mounds of perhaps objects apiece, pile after pile. After we finished the interview, while my cameraman was breaking down the lights, I went over to one of the piles and gave it a little push at the top to see what treasures might lie underneath. Thats when I found my first print block. It was for a Claudette Colbert movie from called Imitation of Life. It was in pristine condition, all shiny and beautiful. I knew it was a movie advertisement, but I didnt understand how it had been used, why everything on it was backwards, or any of that.

Eventually, life quieted down for Ginsberg and Wagner, but in , a short documentary by filmmaker Adam Roffman called The Collection refocused the spotlight on their cache, and earlier this year, Franchi was hired to update his appraisal, which now stands at between and million. Not surprisingly, thats the range currently being trumpeted byGuernseysin advance of its upcoming auction of Ginsberg and Wagners horde, which is being sold as a single collection.

The Mummy Poster sold for ,

Franchi says the case law on this potential value is clear. Movieadvertising materials are basically exempt from copyright protection, he says, because they never copyrighted this stuff. Studios copyrighted their movies, he says, but they didnt copyright the advertising materials because they wanted newspapers and other outlets to spread the word r and wide. To put it in contemporary terms, studios wanted the advance buzz about their movies to go viral.

August 2

Driveins Downunderdrive in newspaper ads

This aerial view in the late s shows the layout of Burwood. The entrance was from the small side street, McComas St. and the exit was located next to the roadsign on Burwood Hwy. McComas St. was chaos prior to sessions in the early days and for the entire life of the drivein cars would always try to enter from the exit!

Hoyts, upon seeing the enormous profits to be made with driveins, bought out George Griffith and his partners. Driveins in Perth, Adelaide, Geelong and other centres followed within months of Burwood. Skyline quickly expanded into a circuit with the construction of driveins at Preston, Oakleigh and Broadmeadows in an attempt to corner the Melbourne market. Despite this, over the next few years Village, MGM and various independents followed with driveins at Croydon, Dandenong, Rowville, Essendon, Clayton, and Maribyrnong. Regardless of this extra competition, shortly after opening Burwood was expanded. The drivein could now accommodate over cars. The screen was extended with new material to widen it to cinemascope width around months after opening. The snack bar was enlarged, a chicken and fish bar was built behind the main snack bar, a walkin was added for patrons and a motor driven merrygoround was a thrilling addition to the playground beneath the screen. Earlier a steak house had been constructed on a small man made lake at the front left of the drivein. A western themed BBQ area decorated with cacti and wagon wheels became a feature of Burwood at this time. Side shielding panels were added to the screen to block distracting lights from the houses and streets behind. On the Burwood Hwy frontage a miniature replica Mobil service station was built that housed Victa mini gokarts. Safe driving instruction was given to kids who drove around and even stopped at traffic lights installed as part of the attraction.

The childrens playground became synonymous with drivein theatres. Burwood not only offered the usual seesaw, slide and swing pieces but a real motorised corousel. In later years it was used less and less as it required a carhop to man it constantly and besides, not a lot of yearolds were present at soft core double features!

Construction proceeded through the latter half of from plans drawn up by AC Leith Bartlett Partners in conjunction with RCA Australia. The site was said to form a natural amphitheatre where the drivein field ced a steep hill with sufficient elevation to mount the screen without the need for a screen tower. Between the screen and the field flowed Gardiners Creek. The screen was one of the few Australian drivein screens built in the academy standard aspect ratio of .. The first cinemascope film, The Robe, had just opened at the Regent and the second Cinemascope film to run in Melbourne, Beneath The Twelve Mile Reef, was about to open at the Plaza the week of Burwoods opening. On February , the Skyline Burwood opened to the public after a preview screening to an invited audience of The Conquest Of Everest the night before. The opening film was Danny Kaye and Gene Tierney in On the Riviera a three year old film from Fox. The ct it was supplied at a flat rate as opposed to the normal percentage basis ed either the relatively low expectations that all except the developers had for the concept or the canny negotiating skills of Mr Griffith.

Carhops, the drivein equivalent of ushers, not only sold tickets in the driveway, they directed cars on the ramps and performed general security duties. Concessions staff attended to customer food orders at the various counters and could be summonsed by a switch on the top of each speaker to deliver food direct to cars. Roaming vendors with pie carts and Coca~Cola coolers also sold food and drinks direct to cars. The food business in driveins turned out to be a much larger contributor to the bottom line than at their hardtop cousins. The large crowds at Burwood caused congestion and dust from the large areas of gravel in and around the drivein. The Country Roads Board raised concerns about the issue, as did the City of Box Hill. Police were placed on point duty on Burwood Hwy. Two sessions per night were run in an effort to satisfy the audience and it was noted at this time that it took minutes to clear a full field of cars. The two sessions simply caused traffic jams twice as often! Many who could not gain admission simply parked on surrounding roads and tried to at least catch a glimpse of the screen. In an effort to placate the residents of houses in McComas Grove that backed onto the drivein speakers were wired to each house so they could at least enjoy the movie. Burwood saw not only the birth of Australias first drivein theatre, but also a new projector. The Super Standard projector, manuctured by Fittons in Adelaide, made its debut at Burwood in . The serial numbers on the projectors were and and were initially backed by Peerless arcs. Later Ashcraft Super CoreLite lamphouses were substituted to improve the light on screen. This model of projector, and later the Super made by the same company, was the standard equipment in many driveins around Australia due to the association formed by Reg Fittons company and RCA. RCA, who offered virtually an entire drivein equipment package, chose the locally made Super Standard projector to team with the RCA sound gear that included sound heads, speakers, junction boxes and amplifiers. Hoyts and independents utilized this combination until both NTS Greater Union and Westrex offered an alternative several years later.

Tonight one session at . The Incredible Mr Limpet plus Samar. The Hoyts vertical neon sign was very similar to those that resided on the cade of all Hoyts hardtop theatres.

Pictured here in , the snack bar has been extended from its original . Most driveins had gardens in front of the projection room to stop giant rabbit ears appearing on the screen. Cactas plants were always popular at driveins, Burwood was no exception.

Thanks to Phil OKane, David Johnson, Eric White, Graeme Hodges, Greg Lynch, Ian Williams Rob Griffith for information supplied here. Additional information from the Public Records Office of Victoria, State Library Victoria, The Sun News Pictorial, The Herald and The Argus, the authors collection, and the Curtis James collection.

In time for its st birthday the toilets were expanded, since up until that time, as with many driveins, the length of interval was determined by the length of the queue at the ladies! In a new brick ticket box was built to replace the original. Pinball machines were added to the snack bar replacing the juke box that had resided there for many years. By the late s, after a quarter of a century in service, the Super Standard projectors were retired. Hoyts chose to use the Philips/Kinoton FP projector for their drivein fleet. This was a modern projector when compared to the Super Standard, but the Ashcraft carbon arc lamphouses remained despite the upgrade to xenon arcs at other driveins. The blockbusters of the late s revitalized Burwood for a time with Star Wars and Close Encounter of the Third Kind amongst the most popular offerings.

In the mid s hot food vendor carts would roam the ramps responding to orders placed by signalling the carhop with the car speaker switch mounted at the top of every speaker. Two Coke fridge vendors sit at the rear of the snack bar.

Families loved Burwood and the driveins that followed; it was a full nights entertainment for the entire mily. Dad could collect the mily straight from work in the mily car, relax with a meal that mum did not have to prepare whilst the kids played on the elaborate playground under the screen. This was all before the show even started. Come as you are, was the catch cry and soon kids began appearing in pyjamas, mum in her day clothes and dads stopped wearing hats at the pictures. The strength of the Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros and United Artists product in the s and s ensured solid audiences. Popular films at Burwood included many of the early cinemascope offerings Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot, westerns, James Bond and, of course, The Sound Of Music. The Skyline name disappeared in the mid s and Burwood, along with the other Victorian Skyline driveins, were simply then called Hoyts Driveins. The mous Skyline Sam stick figure began to disappear from advertising, signage and was removed from his welcoming position beside the ticket boxes.

After a visit to the US in the early s Hoyts southern ision manager, George Griffith Jnr, a showman of the first order, considered that drivein theatres would be successful in Australia. The three major ingredients required for successful driveins were plentiful land, good weather and high car ownership; Australia now possessed all three with car ownership growing rapidly in the s. Hoyts and Fox however did not necessarily share Griffiths enthusiasm for the eslishment of a drivein theatre; they were enjoying solid profits in the post war years prior to television. Griffith subsequently formed a syndicate and the group decided on a site in the Melbourne suburb of Burwood located on the Burwood Hwy in a natural valley. The area mostly consisted of paddocks, but new housing was spreading throughout the area rapidly. Auto Theatres Pty Ltd was formed and registered at Collins Street; this was the Hoyts Regent Theatre building which housed their head office and the office of George Griffith Jnr.The story of Burwood, Australias first drivein, mirrors the entire ozoner business in this country.

Throughout its life it maintained the position of Hoyts flagship drivein, it was always a good place to see a movie and the grounds were kept in immaculate condition. The closure rated mention in a few papers and some fond nostaligia was recalled, but it is only in recent years that we realise that you dont know what youve got til its gone.

Showmanship was the order of the day in the s at Skyline Burwood. A drivein or film promotion is put to good use here as it frames the entrance to the playground under the screen. It almost makes me want to run and jump on a horse!

A Holden at the drivein, seems the typical Australian scene until you realise that the Hoyts drivein is owned by Twentieth Century Fox using RCA equipment and the Holden was built by General Motors! Love the ventian blind in the rear window, dont see too many of those any more.

All early Hoyts drivein diners had jukeboxes. They were originally made to play rpm records but were later converted to play s. They were made in Brunswick. The jukes were gone by the s only to be replaced by pinball machines in . Most Hoyts driveins had pinball machines.

Any skeptics that believed the drivein concept would not be successful in Australia were proved wrong on that very first night. Traffic jams were caused in both directions along Burwood Hwy. The driveins entrance was located along a small suburban side street, McComas Grove, which remained blocked for hours, not just on this first night, but for years afterwards. The exit was on Burwood Hwy just next to a modest illuminated sign. The car positions within the theatre became the hottest tickets in town. A stick figure known as the Skyline man or Skyline Sam welcomed patrons at the ticket box, in newspaper ads, general advertising and in the black and white instructional film run at Burwood. This little second film showed customers how to attach the speaker to their car and how to operate it.

The property became an electricity supply depot and is today occupied by Alinta. The ticket box has been turned into a BBQ shelter and the original entrance drive still has marker paint and street lamps along it. Within the fenced off electricity company grounds the ornamental lake still exists, although currently drained, with the steakhouse now used as a workers lunch room. The indoor viewing room, which was converted into a maintenance shed, still serves this purpose and the BBQ area has also survived. The story of Burwood, Australias first drivein theatre, mirrors the entire drivein business in this country. Boom early days, consolidation in the sixties and seventies, decline in the eighties and eventual closure. In hindsight it hardly seemed a gamble at all but, if not for the vision and belief in the drivein concept of George Griffith Jnr and his original syndicate back in the early s, who knows, we may have missed out on some of the best times of our lives.

After years, with around cars in to see We Of The Never Never plus Local Hero, Burwood drivein closed its gates for the last time on Wednesday June , . In the preceding weeks the lineup included The Last American Virgin, Thousand And One Exotic Nights, The Erotic Sex Lives Of Romeo Juliet and Lady Chatterlys Lover, all a r cry from a Danny Kaye comedy. Hoyts Southern Division Manager at the time, Graeme Hodges, commented that he regretted the theatre had to close but believed that patrons of Burwood would be more than adequately provided for by Hoyts driveins at Doncaster, Wantirna and Oakleigh. The closure rated a mention in a few papers and some fond nostalgia was recalled, but Burwood was the cradle of Australian driveins and mostly it has been sadly forgotten. It is only in recent years that the former drivein has been acknowledged in signage and a small in the park that partly replaced the drivein. Errors on the plaque and a marker showing the position of the screen ed some enthusiasm, but little research, by the local council.Driveins Downunderdrive in newspaper ads

August 2

drive in newspaper adsNewspaper Ads The Good The Bad and The Ugly

The first thing I do when I get a newspaper in my hands is to through it looking for all the bank and credit union ads.

This is my first encounter with a bank or credit union ad promoting the availability of lots for sale in area neighborhoods.

Sure enough, there in the lower left corner of the home is a small photo of what appears to be some neighborhood.  Above the photo is the title Lot Sales and to the right are previous and next prompts to see more lots.

Human Behavior Hacks That Increase Engagement and Response Rates

Tombstone ads originally got their name from ads placed in newspapers by investment bankers when public offerings of stock.  The purpose of these ads is to announce to the public whos handling the offering and where to go for a prospectus.  No selling is allowed.  They are very formal, very boring ads thought to resemble the tombstones of the old West.

By the way, simply mentioning the rate for a year mortgage loan does not constitute an offer.  Promising no closing costs is an offer.  Simply promising st approval is a weak offer.

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Can Treasury Management Survive Digital Darwinism?

Anyway, I just find it to be a very different, and strange, newspaper ad for a community bank.

Newspaper Ads The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Heres what I discovered is important to banks and credit unions in Lincoln NE and Sacramento CA during the past couple of months

The Future of the Branch They Still Play a Vital Role in Your CX

ads for HELOCs or home equity lines of credit

And thanks to my blogging partner Joe Swatek, I get to see most of the ads appearing in the Lincoln Nebraska newspaper.

Hence the title of todays blog The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

This means first getting attention, second getting read, and third generating action to open an account or at a minimum make contact with a bank employee.  Im talking about direct response marketing.

To me, looking at a pile of different ads provides a bit of insight into whats going on inside a lessthanrandom sample of an array of community banks, one megabank, and some credit unions.

Community banks and credit unions dont have the luxury of wasting marketing money on branding ads in the local newspaper.

I had to visit the banks website to see for myself.

Id hate to think the bank had novice loan officers.  Consumers assume that every bank and credit union has qualified, knowledgeable loan officers.

What I found most disturbing about my little research project was the number of ads that iled to mention a specific product or service and iled to make a valid offer.

Oddly enough, the strong offer appears in the ads awkward headline as seen above.  This credit union is promising lowrate mortgages, . in this case, with no closing costs and no points.  And to drive home the point that there are no gotchas later, the headline includes the words No catch.

The good Only five ads contained a strong offer.

The other day, awash in a pile of such ads, I got to thinking about the variety of s, messages, offers, creative s, and overall ad quality.  Branding ads are seen as a waste of money.

Given these costs, youd think that the bankers paying for these ads would want them to work as hard as possible.

General media agencies responsible for branding ads would definitely differentiate branding ads from tombstone ads while I see them as serving a similar purpose selling nothing.

Yet, among the ads studied, there were a surprising number of what I consider branding ads.  There was no mention of a specific product, no offer, no sales copy, and no call to action.  I sometimes refer to ads like these as tombstone ads.

Like a proud peacock spreading its tail for all to see, these ads are all show and no go.

This ad appeared in the March , issue of the Lincoln Journal Star

Half of Americans Are Confused About Credit Card Rewards

For example, how st is st?  Does the bank offer twoday approval, oneweek approval, or what?

Maybe they should be renamed peacock ads for the strutting peacock or simply vanity ads.

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Heres an example of what I considera strong offer.

The bottom line here is very if you are going to spend precious marketing dollars for expensive newspaper ads, at least include the strongest offer possible.  After all, you are competing for customers with a lot of other financial institutions in the area.

Finally, heres an example of one of the thirteen ads withno offer.

To the casual newspaper reader, youd think that mortgage loans are, once again, the hot banking product.  But the only way to know for sure is to trudge through all ads and do some counting.

The first thought that came to mind is perhaps the bank had to foreclose on one or more builders and got a pile of empty lots that it must sell.

One has to assume that the bank is not only selling the lots but also hoping to handle the construction financing loans.

The Less Fees gets me the most.  Less than who or what?

What are noticeably missing are ads for regular savings and consumer checking accounts.  I guess weve moved on from the once heated battle over Free Checkingat least for now.

After carefully reading it, one could argue that the ad actually makes a weak promise.  Youll find it under the of the house.  It reads  For all available lots, please visit the banks website URL.

In ct, one of my biggest thrills is finding an outofarea newspaper left behind at the local coffee shop.

Whats shocking is there were more of these ads in the pile of than any other ad.

Before moving on, I should mention that this sample of newspaper ads came from banks, including one of the four megabanks, and credit unions.

Tombstonelike ads are also used by commercial realestate companies to showcase employees and announce the recent sales of highdollar property.  Major lenders frequently use them to announce partnerships with other banks for major loans or lines of credit for big corporations.

This ad appeared in the March , issue of the Lincoln Journal Star

This ad appeared in the March , issue of the Sacramento Business Journal

This ad appeared in the March , issue of The Sacramento Bee

Only the sixth item on the list is specific with the word Free but then I doubt any bank or credit union has ever charged a fee to prequalify someone.  What does prequalify mean anyway?

Heres an example of what I considera weak offer.

The bad Seven ads included a weak or ineffective offer.

Newspaper ads dont come cheap.  In most cases, the bank or credit union must pay an outside agency to create, and often place, the ad in the local paper.  And the cost for an ad varies based on , placement, day of the week it appears, use of , and number of repetitions.

Benefits of Online Check Shopping Implementation

First off, Im not sure about the meaning of the ads headline  A Loan With a View.  I call this a throwaway headline as you can throw it away as it has no relevance to the ads offer or message.

I cant help myself its a requirement for a blogger about consumer banking.

July 31

Vincent Motorcycle Free ClassifiedMovie Ads

Phil Irvings excellent article The Vincent Motorcycle . Extensively covers the design considerations of the postwar Vincent.

for classifieds and photos Craig Comontofski please emailCraig collects Vincents and speed Husqvarna and is always looking for bikes/parts/literature. He runs the Lamboghini Miura Technical Website He designed and operates thehuskyclubwebsite aided by the patience and loving support of his wonderful wife, Linda.Craig leads the pack..thevincentis rated the Number One website for Vincent Motorcycles by Classic Bike magazine.Our Office Staff

miles on clock since restoration. Sitting in ownersmily room since then.Maughan rebuilt and balanced crankwith

There are a whole series of On Any Sunday video sections on Youtube. Still magical years later. Start with Bart, Malcolm and Steve at

Black Lightning Special Parts Listitems, part numbers, some photos

Book Review Flat Out ! The Rollie Free Story by Jerry Hatfield. Ive talked with a number of people about this x book and accompanying oral history CD …and everyone likes it, but no one has finished it. I too plan to keep it next to my easy chair this winter, close by the crackling fire, sampling various stories and studying the excellent photos. It is not a glance and toss fluff rehash of previously published data. Hatfield has certainly reached deep into archives and personal recollections revealing interesting new insights into the man and the era. Work on the book spanned over years with the last five years dedicated to intensive research and writing/compilation. The book provides you with Rollies and the heroic efforts leading up to the Great Event….at am on that teful day September , .

Alton v alternator conversion, rebuilt speedometer, several spare parts.

JuneSOLD HRD Rapide Series B Restored in the UK approx. years ago. Ridden miles or less since.

The Story of the Black Shadow by Phil Irving

The story telling is not limited to Vincent motorcycles… indeed, there is extensive coverage of Rollie his early mark racing Indian motorcycles. years and s go by before the first mention of a Vincent motorcycle. However, to truly understand the role of the Spitfire airplane in the Battle of Britain, you have to go back at least to the Schneider Air Races of the s. So it is with a man in his bathing shorts and bath slippers balanced precariously on the rear fender of a Vincent setting the American Motorcycle Speed Record at Bonneville….you need to go back to the beginnings. Phil Irvings autobiography gives you historical perspective on the design, production and special magic of the Vincent motorcycle. Flat Out gives you the essence of the man/tuner/rider and further details of that eventful day and the special machine. A serious book for a serious reader…and Christmas and long winter nights are st approaching, just like that Vincent.

Russell Wright Reunion at Lake Arrowhead by Bill Hoddinott

Grey Flash Ad kfile very large for detail

Front brake hubs have fourleadingshoe internals. Modern shocks front and rear. TreadDown centerstand. in. Shadow sspeedo.

Please contact this website or the NSW Police regarding event E

Vincent Motorcycle Build/Date information VOCrevised // This link is curretnly not operating

SOLDVincent C Rapide full mechanical and cosmetic restoration in . VOC authenticated. Matching numbers.

SOLD Vincent Cometin excellent condition. Original registration number matching UFM.

an engine rebuild by a nole British Vincent expert. caMarchSOLDAVincent Egli ,superb everywhere , only ~~kms as tuning rides.

SOLD Black Shadow touring. VINFAB/B/. The Frame is RCB/B and the engine number is FAB/B/. purchased in by a USAF pilot who took delivery at the ctory and specified Touring fenders and British handle bars with a lockable throttle. He owned/rode it from when he sold it to me he was . The engine was completely rebuilt in the late s and has been ridden , miles since. The speedometer and carbs were rebuilt with new slides by Lund. It has a new V clutch, ESA and tensioner blade. The gas tank and fenders were stripped, repaired, enameled and striped. TreadDown centrestand, KONI shocks front and rear. system was replaced with an Alton watt alt, volt regulator/bulbs. horn was rebuilt Taff the Horn England. magneto replaced with a BTH magneto. old Lucas magneto and volt generator working when removed and go with bike. Other than repainting the tank and fenders, the rest of paint is original including Girdraulic suspension and Vincent decal on steering head. April/July

Norvin Engine and the Search for John Peart of Harrow

Cylinder head completely reconditioned by Clever Trevor on Hayling Island. New liner and rings by Simon Linford. Reconditioned ATD. Starts easily. Vincent Owners Club dating certificate and original doc copies from ctory covering the frame and engine tests. Alloy peacatcher rims with stainless spokes.

Richard Thompsons version of Vincent Black Lightning

Phil Davies sent ininstructionsfor using thevincent as your Home Page or as your desktop Background !!

Place your Vincent Motorcycle Ad here!!!FREE! Just write down the ad copy and Email Rapide. Please include the words classified ad on the subject line of your email. Remember, not all people will have email to contact you, so a phone number is always to your advantage. We recommend only a phone number for the first weeks and then adding an email address if your item has not sold in that time. This strategy will reduce spam from Nigerians. Including a basic price avoids wasted effort on the part of the buyer and the seller. You have several ways of advertising your Vin or parts for sale. Write up a Free ad listing your phone number and email , Write up a Free Ad listing only your phone number which may limit overseas inquiries but will reduce spurious emails or Hire me todevelop a web with photos and and to Broker your Vincent. I will screen all inquiries, respond to questions, and provide guidance as to price/viewing/shipping/payment as required. Email for details and fee for this option.Please advise when your item is sold to enable ad removal, and refer to other sites if your item is not directly related to Vincent motorcycles. We average over visitors per day from a total of countries ! We have a policy of Not posting any of Endless general Trolling ads we get flooded with. This is a site for enthusiasts… the little guys who love Vincents. Good Luck, Craig and Jim.

The Richard Thompson Song about a Vincent Black Lightning clearly conveys the passionate feelings that are generated by beautiful women and powerful motorcycles. Those of us who have experienced both admire Richards ability of communicating to others the stories of our wildest and deepest loves. Richard carries us away on a vivid adventure in song where others have been left standing at the curb. By the end of his story we feel our tourguide on this enjoyable journey has shown us that Redhaired women and Vincent Black Lightnings can be both our salvation and our ruin. What is powerful enough to carry us to the heavens can also crash us to earth. His gift of the Black Lightning may not be a reward for what she gave him, but rather a realization that he must free himself from the steel bonds of both of his deepest loves. Only then can he escape the forces that gave him life and controlled his destiny.

for more photos and greater detail. Cheers, CarlMarch

Polishing/CleaningShipping VincentsElectric StarterPaint/Transfers

smooth clutch and transmission, this is an excellent show bike/rider.

Interesting photos and stories about olde motorcycles.

all black power coat except the frameoil tank and brake drums.

twenty years, Steve Hall will be completing his final run of Vincent air cleaners. There will be no more. For those who dont know, these are an exact replica of the original Volks in grey hammertone with decal, stamped numbers and filter element. They are now included as a judging requirement at Vincent meets. Steve can be reached at Mike Fitzimons

SOLD Series C Black Shadow.Totally restored to original, less than miles ago.

enclosed are some photos of my grandsons on the bike.

The sensation of being on a motorcycle embodies what were all seeking in life. Freedom.Steven Alford

Vincent PartsHaig Altounianhas two Comet chainguards along with . and . over exhaust pipe nuts ET from Maughans available, two of each.He also has a tap and adjusle die so that custom fitting can be made.He also has a good, used Vincent flywheel assembly complete with rods since it is an assembly for sale.Inquire for details if you are interested.Haig is still working on Vincents at the garage in Culver City, California.He is available by appointment only at USA or cell phone for repair, restoration, and parts service.

Very stunning performance with cc, pistons, mark I Concentric carbs, KVF Magneto with manual advance.

bar ends, centre stand, Shadow speedo, parts records, decals, manuals.

For Sale Vincent Rapide. front heads, Amal carbs, Borranis front and rear, stainless steel spokes, inch Shadow speedo, volt,


WantedVincentComet or Meteorin running condition or one that can be made to run with new parts and several weeks of work. Twin of course welcome but only have about k for budget right now. Retired so can travel to pick up in USA or Canada. VOC back to but currently without a bike. Emailharvey

one picture shows it at an exhibition in England with a sign noting

SOLD VINCENT HRD Series C year ,matching numbers ,

Vincent Black Lightning FAB/C/ and Black Lightning Data

motorcycle with engine. Fully reconditioned throughout.

Interesting video of Jay Leno testing out his Vincent Black Shadow

Disclaimerthevincent does not warranty or recommend in any way the vendors or parts advertised on this website. It is up to you to discern the accuracy of the ads and to assume full responsibility for the terms, exchange of consideration, and shipping arrangements between all parties involved. I just post the ads Im sent directly by the owner or his representative or forwarded by a Vincent enthusiast.

For SaleReproduction No. round rearMiller brake light switchesas used on the first postwar / Vincents.

* The Vincent motorcycling videoChasing Shadowsis a quiet, respectful documentary that has wonderful historic footage and informative commentary. The onboard camera successfully captures the sounds and exhiliration of motorcycle riding, especially when you are accompanied by another Vincent. The film will deepen your understanding and appreciation of Phil Vincent , Phil Irving , and Vincent ctory employees who brought a dream to life.

Photos available.Tony in Arroyo Grande, CA.USA .

Vincent Rapide Article with specs and photo

Information on USA Titles and Registration of antique/classic vehicles from Bruce Metcalf

Dave Hills treaddown centre stand. Extra long original seat. Extra long original footrest hangers much more comforle than standard. Dynamo charges and lights/horn work. Taxed free to /. No MOT needed.

The story of Crazy George Disteel and his Vincents as posted by Paul Zell.

Sounds of Vincent Twin Engine RunningThis is really cool. Many thanks to Anders Forsberg ! Its a WAV file… be sure to throttle up the volume.

The following Vincents have been reported stolen in Australia

std bore Kemp pistons, new MKII cams, complete head rebuild, Alton alternator, Neal Videan V clutch,

Not an old period Fritz frame switz made. registred .

Contact Mitch Talcove.Phone USA ; Email mtalcove at .

Francois Grosset electric starter and electronic ignition, mm PHF Dellorto carbs.

When conditions change and market pressures ease, then considerations such as originality and history must count. Condition can be bought by anybody who can afford the best restoration. But nobody can recreate originality. Once lost, its gone forever. Great quote from biker Roland Johansson.

Please contact if you require information on placing a FREE classified ad.Your classified ad for bikes/parts/literature will be immediately posted to rabid Vincent enthusiasts all over the World. We are always looking for good quality photos of past and present Vincents to post. Please send files or originals.

For SaleVincent Series C Rapide with Alton alternator, electronic ignition, Monobloc carbs, Shadow brake drums, Shadow speedometer and high flanged aluminum rims. Very reliable bike. , Euros firm. Email hrd June

Last edit July , If you wish to donate, we will accept Vin parts or money if you use the site and are successful in selling your parts or Vincent.No obligation. please see Donated Commission Policy at end of this .

Engine all new parts bore X stroke cc , speeds gbox,

Steve Hamels mph/hp Bonneville Vincent on the Dyno

and is registered with the VOC, who have sent me the on the original manucture dates, specs, and tests.

We do accept donations of Vincent parts or money if you use the site and are successful in selling your Vincent parts or motorcycle. The reason is that over the years several successful sellers and buyers have sent me free Vincent parts our basket case is getting more complete !, one person sent several nice pieces of original Vin literature which they held onto when they sold their Vin through the website, and one East Coast Vincent owner routinely sends me on every item he sells through the site ! Several of the above have asked me to post this policy of unsolicited commisions as they believe it to be ir to all concerned… and we certainly can use the support. In return you receive No Special Favors but probably sleep a little better and will certainly help to return another Vin to the road.

I since made a rolling chassis out of the drag race frame.

Originally built for Canadian Export, it was purchased by a collector and stored

Letters From Homenot motorcycle te night musings

New Vincent PartsCoventry Spares Ltd. Abbey Lane, Middleboro, MA, . New WebOrder line . Out of state . Owner John Healey. Credit cards accepted. Nice people John, Tom, Sue with good advice and free chocolate included with your carefully packed order. Every single part is labeled with your name, part number and date …where other vendors send you a mixed up box of unknown nuts and bolts and washers that you have to try to identify. Fast US Service with an excellent return policy.updated address Ive used these guys for over years and still order from them First. Extensive inventory of Vincent parts with the refreshing attitude the customer is probably right. Coventry gets orders from all over the world… there must be a very good reason.They now also carry Recoil kits, BTH mags and Alton alternators.

Vincent powered Cooper please send in performance info and any photos of Coopers..especially showing Vincent engine.History of Cooper Cars

Over in upgrades. Rapide currently located in Southern California, can be shipped anywhere.

Call Jim at .For SaleTerry Princes Princes personal Rapide. Engine cases, number and upper frame member match. RFM is replacement.


SOLD Vincent Rapide Series C Nicely restored, numbers matching, cosmetics very good, top end rebuilt bottom end excellent plus new primary drive gear and primary chain, magneto rebuilt, dynamo upgrade, starts hot or cold easily, very strong engine,

IrvingVincent EnginePhotos, history, and infomation inSpecialReport. Australia

Brampton ForksC Rapide detailsD series details

s//speedipensive Note from Carleton

Video/audio clip of Irving Vincent Racer being airstarted

Thanks for your note.. Yes, ads are thin right now with people putting their spares on Evil Bay clawing for absolutely the top dollar…although they may appropriately end up with the parts gone and a bogus cashiers check or claims of nonreceipt of goods.. I dont link to or generally even mention Evil Bay. When asked about Evil Bay, I tell Vin owners to try to borrow some Vin parts from Ebay, ask about their next Vincent social event, try to get help setting up your timing chest, ask them a tech question about carbs, stop over for a free beer and chat…ask to see their Vincent model photo galleries and engine diagrams, let them help you with identifying models, serial numbers and sources of parts, call them up to share the excitement and joy of your first Spring ride, ask them to drive out with a van to pick you and your Vincent up when your magneto quits…..There is NOTHING at Ebay but a ^* computer…

Interesting website for renting videos if you really want to Learn a Skill…. welding, lathe operation..etc..

Mine since , prior provenance checked to s.

A man can ride his Vincent Motorcycle in the daytime and sleep under a city bridge at night covered only by cardboard and his life will be rich and complete.

Vincent Motorcycle Free Classified AdsVincent Motorcycles/Parts/Literature/Services that are for sale.

Anyone owning a Vincent should by law own a Bridgeport milling machine or know a skilled mate with same; have a basket case in progress so friends can borrow emergency parts; keep a wellstocked refrig in the shop for dropin visitors; when asked to compare Vincents to other motorcycles discusses pilot input and the rewards of a WWII Spitfire and the dullness of throwaway Chinese toaster ovens; and live in a major city with an active VOC section.

v electronic PRa ATD ignition,Dave Hills centerstand,all new stainless everything including spokes, correctchrome wheels new in , all black is powdercoated, new correct Amal s, correct speedo gearbox. Owner wants responsibleoffer.

Original movie footage by Vincent dating back to the ctory entry in the IOM TT races.

Phil Vincent The years after .Historical note by Robin VincentDay.

For those of us who own a Vincent motorcycle, nothing else comes remotely close to the feelings of riding a quiet Dinosaur that suddenly transforms into a Fierce Dragon that bellows fire and takes flight..except a loving beautiful woman.

Vincent PosterNew poster has , over photos of Vincents and engines from to , a blowup of a late Twin engine and many other illustrations and goodies packed into a large x inch artful poster available in heavy for or laminated for .Really nice work… Recommended.Please mention if you are a member of the Jtan internet Vincent discussion group. Email . or website carlhungness or Phone . USA

To listen to the song….paste and scroll down and play. Compliments of Red Molly.

Not a trailer princess, but a good bike to ride and enjoy. , US .

When they are gone there will be no more, so do not dither around!

Vincent VideoChasing Shadows. The video is available in NTSC / VHS format and costs including shipping to USA. At the moment we can only accept payment by personal checks in Dollars . Mail checks to Grasshopper Films at B North Street, THAME, Oxfordshire, OX BH, UK. Please check out video details at other formats available , PAL. EMail address for info g Pip Whiteman

SOLD Rapide in Canada. It has a bit of provenance, it runs fine and has all matching cases and frame,

Well… you get the point… people may get a fistful of dollars and certainly will get precious little else. Then… and this is Classic… in a later conversation they complain about the high price of some Vin parts they really need. Bitten by their own snake. I guess thats what they deserve. The rest of us will post our Vincents and parts on thevincent. and receive the reward of lasting friendship and an honest amount of money.

Favorite episode involving a motorcycle In an old Chinese man in Takoma Park, MD asked me to look at this strange motorcycle in the cellar of the house he inherited from his brother. It was a rough Velocette Venom that had been sitting for years and was missing the muffler. We worked for over an hour in the dim light before I could finally kick the reluctant dragon to life. It responded by filling the cellar with thick blue smoke, flashes of light from the backfires, and roars from the open exhaust. Ill never forget his wide open eyes and the dancing smile on his ce. He was again and it was the Fourth of July. Also noted was the torrent of Chinese shouts from his wife at the top of the stairs which were totally ineffective at quenching our Celebration. To this day, the key ingredients of vintage motorcycling still are mystery, frustration, sweat, loud noises, smoke, camaraderie, celebration, and contentment.

Terry can be reached at in Australia call

Runs superbly. Non matching s.The bike is in Sweden, close to Gothenburg.

For SaleShow winning Lightningized Twin in oneoff Trackmaster frame as seen in MPH No. .

Answer to email questions about the Black Lightning song

Various photos and videos of the Lambky Vincent Streamliner, Burns Wright Lightning, Dave Matson, and other LSR Vincents

interesting videos about Sid Biberman and Bonneville….videos developed by the TV showCafe Racer.

Story of the Vincent Black Widow …. bogus but fun

Video of David Jefferies riding flat out at IOM with personal commentary. Great Fun. Be sure to go to Full Screen. I can only watch it for a couple minutes before I have to stop to breathe….

At least we have Vincent motorcycles to spirit us away from all that is worrisome in this troubled and isive world. Whether riding or taking apart or admiring in your garage or just talking about with kindred friends… Phil Irving left us a precious gift and that realization of his dream can lift us to new s….if we are willing. Without Irving, we are left with smoking popcorn can strokes and arrogant unresponsive slugs of American iron…. or my sons death defying nervous dragon from Japan. Sleep well knowing you ride a durable rewarding steed that can be a comforting companion….yet when called upon.. like a gallant charger… will win the day.

Interesting website about Coburn Benson, his shop and Grey Flash

VINCENTMotorcycles, Parts and LiteratureFor Sale

Serial Numbers/ProductionPhoto Gallery of ModelsBrakesEngine OverhaulVincent EnginesWheels/FendersInstrumentsTransmissionClutchMagnetoTank/SeatSuspensionToolsNorvinElectricsCarburetorsMiscLinksVincent Parts/Services Suppliers


SOLDGene Schille Vincent Drag frame, wheels, forks, as you see as a rolling chassis.

Ceriani mm front forks, mm Fontana front brake.

AprilSOLD Vincent C Rapide, nonmatching, running and licensed in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.

Engine is Shadow spec plus. of the bike is from new parts, hand rolled aluminum fenders, new wheels, SS rims and spokes.

Top Gear video Race between a Steam Train, an XK and a Vincent Black Shadow.

Engine has been fully overhauled by Prince with modern carbs, MK cams, .cr pistons, Pazon ignition, v electrics, V clutch, etc..

July 31

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Wok Of LoveMiss Hammurabi

Ducktales Season …The Epic Tales Of Captain Underpants Season

An American diamond merchant travels to Russia to sell rare blue diamonds of questionable origin. As the deal begins to collapse he lls into an obsessive relationship with a Russian cafe owner in a small Siberian town. As their passion builds so does the treacherous world of the diamond trade from which he is unable to extricate himself. Both collide as the American man desperately looks for…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Miss HammurabiLove Is In The Air

GuestThe Vanished Murderer

The story of a young girl who loves to wear ncy…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Fancy Nancy Season …Hotel Transylvania

Actor Kyrie Irving, Lil Rel Howery, Shaquille ONeal, Chris Webber

Pop culture references fly thick and st as stopmotion animation is featured in sketches lampooning everything from television movies to comic…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >


Peter Parker struggles with the duality of his social life at school and hiding his secret identity from everyone including his best friend Harry…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

The film will be a prequel that will focus on the events that lead up to the very first Purge…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Actor Shigeru Chiba, Kana Hanazawa, Yoshimasa Hosoya, Marina Inoue

Actor Trevor Jackson, Jason Mitchell, Michael Kenneth Williams, Lex Scott Davis

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Spirit RealmKizr dub

Kirakira Precure A …Persona The Animation Season

A group of friends in Utah own and operate a business that specializes in all things diesel. These guys dont just sell parts for diesel trucks and jeeps they also design and build some…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

The film is about Marlo a mother of three including a newborn who is gifted a night nanny by her brother. Hesitant to the extravagance at first Marlo comes to form a unique bond with the thoughtful surprising and sometimes challenging young nanny named…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Ethan Hunt and his IMF team along with some miliar allies race against time after a mission gone…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

So You Think …Love Island Season

Big Hero …Tangled The Series Season

A true story of survival as a young couples chance encounter leads them first to love and then on the adventure of a lifetime as they ce one of the most catastrophic hurricanes in recorded…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Come And Hug …Rich Familys Son

Robert McCall serves an unflinching justice for the exploited and oppressed but how r will he go when that is someone he…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

This year were bringing you even more Love Island action in the shape of Love Island Aftersun. Its a brand new weekly show broadcast live every Sunday night hosted by Caroline Flack. Aftersun promises to be packed to the rafters with the very latest gossip from the villa exclusive interviews with the Islanders and a celebrity panel desperate to have their say on all things Love…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Set between Walt Disney Animation Studios Tangled and its short film Tangled Ever After this animated adventure/comedy series unfolds as Rapunzel acquaints herself with her parents her kingdom and the people of…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

The series will take place in a Chinese restaurant. Chef Seo Poong a chef who goes from being a star chef one day to the cook at a iling neighborhood Chinese restaurant the next. Dan Sae Woo meaning sweet shrimp lives a life of privilege and leisureshe accepted no gifts on her wedding day because her ther gave her a check for million won and she enjoys horseback riding and…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Actor Yi Yan Jiang, Ka Tung Lam, Ching Wan Lau, Xiaolu Li

SuperflyFirst Reformed

Our will have the unfortunate ability to see the life clocks of everyone around her including herself and the hero will somehow be able to stop her time without lifting a finger. This story will follow time that is stopped extended and even erased through the love they have for each…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Actor Sasha Mitchell, Kamel Kri, Brad Thornton, Jill Pierce

My Story For …Wok Of Love

Black DynamiteFancy Nancy Season

Spirit Realm Spirit Realm

How To Train …Summer Camp Island Season

Storyline Welcome to the Hotel Transylvania Draculas lavish fivestake resort where monsters and their milies can live it up free to be the monsters they are without humans to bother them. On one special weekend Dracula has invited some of the worlds most mous monsters Frankenstein and his wife the Mummy the Invisible Man a mily of werewolves and more to celebrate his…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

DisobedienceAbout Time

The Amazing World …Black Dynamite

Sean Bean is back as the swashbuckling hero in Sharpes Challenge an action packed miniseries to be shot on location in Rajasthan India. Two years after the Duke of Wellington crushes…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Set in the residential suburb of Tokyo the story revolves around the Ban Family with four kids and a widow ther. Since their loving mother passed away from illness six months ago the eldest daughter yearold Sakurako has taken care of all the household chores and manages the mily alone. While the four siblings are still feeling down from the loss of their mother their ther Sota…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Single hopefuls looking for love complete tasks couple off and get voted out week by week. Packed full of…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Actor Ian Anthony Dale, Santiago Cabrera, Jennifer Finnigan, Charlie Rowe

Actor Elliott Smith, Oona Laurence, Sam Lavagnino

Hotel Transylvania …Siberia

Extinction Mission Impossible Fallout

Dancers skilled in everything from ballroom and ballet to salsa jive hiphop and krumping all compete to be named the best. Dancers must impress the judges with their moves and rigorous…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Terra Formars dubMagical Idol Pastel Yumi

yearold girl Rin from Enoshima Island who due to her parents death lives alone goes to school and tries to keep running the mily restaurant by herself the restaurant is on the st floor of the home. Since she is a child it is a constant financial loss. The quality of food is really poor and she herself cannot afford clothing items such as a winter coat or an umbrella or a tshirt to…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Cocona is an average middle schooler living with her grandmother. And she who has yet to decide a goal to strive for soon met a strange girl named Papika who invites her to an organization called Flip Flap.Dragged along by the energetic stranger Cocona finds herself in the world of Pure Illusiona bizarre alternate dimensionhelping Papika look for crystal shards. Upon completing their…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Actor Mackenzie Davis, Charlize Theron, Mark Duplass, Ron Livingston

Actor John Stockwell, Danielle von Zerneck, Fisher Stevens, Raphael Sbarge

Actor Nigel Lythgoe, Cat Deeley, Mark Thompson, Mary Murphy

Actor Zach Aguilar, Woohee Chun, Christopher Hackney, Joon Lee

Actor Marisa Tomei, Lex Scott Davis, Luna Lauren Velez, Melonie Diaz

Actor Logan MarshallGreen, Richard Anastasios, Rosco Campbell, Richard Cawthorne

From a screenplay by Sebastin Lelio and Rebecca Lenkiewicz the film follows a woman as she returns to the community that shunned her decades earlier for an attraction to a childhood friend. Once back their passions reignite as they explore the boundaries of ith and uality. Based on Naomi Aldermans book the film stars Rachel Weisz Rachel McAdams and Alessandro…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Lee Gwang Jae is the son of a rich mily and he is immature. His ther dies and leaves behind large debts. For his thers honor Gwang Jae struggles to pay off his debt. Kim Yeong Ha with her bright and positive personality supports Gwang…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

For the police the final teful hours in the victims life becomes a puzzle. They try to understand where they were who they met and what happened to get their answers. The Last …, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

The story of a group of erse young adults who become connected to each other as part of an experiment to generate…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Persona The …Steins;gate Season

Actor Lily James, Amanda Seyfried, Meryl Streep, Dominic Cooper

Meng Fu Yao a woman born from a ine lotus petal. She journeys through the five continents towards the heavens in search of a secret order and to reveal a conspiracy originating from the heavens. In the process she lls in love with the crown prince Zhangsun…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Actor Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez

Actor Ray J, Moniece Slaughter, Teairra Mari, Nikki Mudarris

Actor Malin Andersson, Olivia Attwood, Kem Cetinay, Amber Davies

A Hollywood fixer in the s works to keep the studios stars in…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

The Equalizer The First Purge

Sharpes ChallengeKickboxer The Aggressor

Rich Familys SonKamen Rider Build

Actor Jonathan Silverman, Jennifer Finnigan, Bai Ling, Angela Kinsey

Actor Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge, Gretchen Rossi, Brooks Ayers

Actor Robbie Daymond, Patton Oswalt, Ben Diskin, John DiMaggio, Laura Bailey, Nancy Linari, Fred Tatasciore

…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

After his hometown is destroyed and his mother is killed young Eren Yeager vows to cleanse the earth of the giant humanoid Titans that have brought humanity to the brink of…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

The adventures of millionaire Scrooge McDuck and his nephews as they travel around the world in search of treasure and…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Marvels Spiderman Season …Big Hero The Series Season

Hail, Caesar!Arpeggio Of Blue Steel Ars Nova Cadenza

Shortly after the Korean war a ther and a son are wandering through the country and make a stop in a remote village where strange and dangerous happenings…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

When Freshman Zhou Xiaoan put on a ring of unclear origin a terrifying devil leaps from his mouth and his life is changed forever. Shocking historical secrets are slowly revealed a Blood Devil calling itself King Zhou of Shang a race of hearteating zombies; a dubious group of Taoist Priests that fight against them; mysterious beings of the supernatural world who can blend in to human…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Actor Arsenio Hall, Tommy Davidson, Phyllis Applegate

FBI Hostage Rescue Team leader and U.S. war veteran Will Sawyer now assesses security for skyscrapers. On assignment in Hong Kong he finds the tallest safest building in the world…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

A look at five milies living in a protected Southern California enclave and the reallife housewives who reside in one of the wealthiest planned communities in the…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

In this sequel to Mamma Mia! Sophie learns about her mothers past while pregnant…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Love Island Season …Diesel Brothers Season

David Sloan must travel to Mexico to save his wife from a savage drug lord whos also an old…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Actor Logan MarshallGreen, Richard Anastasios, Rosco Campbell, Richard Cawthorne

Love And Hip …Extinct Or Alive Season

A drama depicting the love of a man and a woman whose lives are linked because of a murder since young age. Despite an unfortunate destiny and the stigma and pains they will try to be happy and heal their…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Actor Jay Baruchel, Cate Blanchett, Gerard Butler

Actor Lizzy Caplan, Michael Peña, Israel Broussard, Mike Colter

My Cultivator GirlfriendKirakira Precure A La Mode

The Drac pack is back for an allnew monster comedy adventure in Sony Pictures Animations Hotel Transylvania ! Everything seems to be changing for the better at Hotel Transylvania… Draculas rigid monsteronly hotel policy has finally relaxed opening up its doors to human guests. But behind closed coffins Drac is worried that his adorable halfhuman halfvampire grandson Dennis isnt…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Skyscraper Superfly

Actor Penn Jillette, Teller, Alyson Hannigan, Jonathan Ross

Summer Camp Island …View more »Our House

An MIT grad student and a tech superstar bring a lowlevel Pentagon official a staggering discoverythat an asteroid is just six months away from colliding with…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Park Cha Oh Reum works as a rookie judge. She is in her mids and follows an eye for an eye principle. She does not accept prejudice or blindly follows authority. Dealing with cases she and her colleagues including Im Ba Reun grow as people. Source…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Superman Iv The …Family Plot

In the follow up to Shirows classic Al Leona and their trusty steed Bonaparte continue to fight crime in New Port City alongside the rest of the Tank Police. But a new threat appears in the form of a series of terrorist attacks using the latest weapons technology. The Tank Police are outnumbered and outgunned but Al and Leona set out to discover who or what is behind these…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Two best friends go to a magic sleepaway camp where nothing is what it…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Ichika Usami is a second year middle school student who works in her milys cafe Kirakira Patisserie. One day she meets a spoiled lamb iry named pekorin who tells her evil monsters known as Henteko have been stealing Kirakiraru the energy that resides within sweets and desserts. Ichhika then becomes a pretty cure and with four other girls they form the kirakira precure a la mode to…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

The Man of Steel crusades for nuclear disarmament and meets Lex Luthors latest creation Nuclear…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

In the modern cultivation world everywhere is law of the jungle and everyone feels insecure. After saving a cultivatior girl the security guard Ma Yingxiong accidentally started the journey of cultivation.GlossaryCultivation xilin xizhn xixin the process of improving health increasing longevity and growing powerful. This is accomplished by…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Kamen Rider BuildAre You Human Too

Investigation CoupleCome And Hug Me

Steins;gate …Spirit Realm

New Dominion Tank …View more »Mechx Season

The History Of …The Daily Show Season

Whose Line Is …The Bachelorette Season

A high school student and his friend find a strange orblike piece of equipment to use as a science project but must stop it when it begins to threaten…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

The story of eight young adults who come to spend the summer in the hottest beach town on the Gulf Coast Panama City Beach to party it up and put the real world on hold for just a little bit…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Actor Jeremiah Buoni, Codi Butts, Kortni Gilson, Aimee Hall

Bilal A New …View more »Upgrade

Our Housegatsu No Lion nd Season

Hotel Transylvania Ducktales Season

To court her he wrote love letters in a year exceeding million Chinese characters. To guard her he created novels with more than million words working a wonder of internet literature. This is the love story that unfolded for years already between Tang Jian Shao and his wife. ~~ Adapted from the novel with the same title written by Tang Jian Shao who also wrote the novel…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

With retirement on his mind a successful young drug dealer sets up one last big job while dealing with triggerhappy colleagues and the…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

A ther has a recurring dream of losing his mily. His nightmare turns into reality when the planet is invaded by a force bent on destruction. Fighting for their lives he comes to realize an unknown strength to keep them safe from…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Mechx Season Marvels Spiderman Season

Baek Beom has worked as a forensic doctor for years he is excellent with his work but does not open his mind to other people. Eun Sol is a rookie prosecutor with a bright personality and she comes from wealth mily . The forensic scientist with a bad personality and a warmhearted prosecutor must join forces in order to catch a serial…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Flip Flappers dubNew Dominion Tank Police dub

Lighthearted suspense film about a phony psychic/con artist and her taxi driver/private investigator boyfriend who encounter a pair of serial kidnappers while trailing a missing heir in…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Actor Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez, Kevin James, Fran Drescher, Steve Buscemi, Molly Shannon, David Spade, CeeLo Green, Jon Lovitz, Brian George, Jackie Sandler

A priest of a small congregation in upstate New York grapples with mounting despair brought on by tragedy worldly concerns and a tormented…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Tangled The Series …Big City Greens Season

Actor Trevor Jackson, Jason Mitchell, Michael Kenneth Williams, Lex Scott Davis

Each week night The Late Late Show with James Corden throws a latenight afterparty with a mix of celebrity guests edgy musical acts games and sketches. Corden differentiates his show by offering viewers a peek behind the scenes into the green room bringing all of his guests out at once and lending his musical and acting talents to various sketches. Additionally bandleader Reggie Watts and…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

SuperflyBilal A New Breed Of Hero

Kirakira Precure A …Kirakira Precure A La Mode Movie Paritto! Omoide No Millefeuille!

The Bachelorette Season …The Real Story With Maria Elena Salinas Season

Actor Dwayne Johnson, Pablo Schreiber, Neve Campbell, Noah Taylor

Actor Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi, Eden Espinosa, Julie Bowen

Legend Of Fu …Investigation Couple

Actor Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Aidan Quinn, Jon Michael Hill

Salvation Season So You Think You Can Dance Season

Love Is In …Legend Of Fu Yao

Genres Comedy, Dub, Mecha, OVA, Police, SciFi, Shounen

Vampirina Season The Amazing World Of Gumball Season

Genres Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Super Power, Supernatural

Mtv Floribama Shore …The Real Housewives Of Orange County Season

About Time Secrets And Lies

Actor Scott Adsit, Jamie Chung, Jenifer Lewis, Khary Payton

Mavis surprises Dracula with a mily voyage on a luxury Monster Cruise Ship so he can take a vacation from providing everyone elses vacation at the hotel. The rest of Dracs Pack cannot resist going along. But once they leave port romance arises when Dracula meets the mysterious ship Captain Ericka. Now its Mavis turn to play the overprotective parent keeping her dad and Ericka apart…., WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

A priest of a small congregation in upstate New York grapples with mounting despair brought on by tragedy worldly concerns and a tormented…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

The Vanished MurdererSharpes Challenge

Actor Alice Eve, Maggie Q, So Vergara, Uma Thurman


Genres Action, Fantasy, Mystery, ONA, Supernatural

Family PlotCompadres

Secrets And Lies …Sweet Dreams

Actor Ana Ularu, Keanu Reeves, Molly Ringwald, Aleks Paunovic

The Daily Show …View more »Attack On Titan Season

The Last …Mtv Floribama Shore Season

The Con Is …View more »Penn Teller Fool Us Season

Actor Amanda Seyfried, Ethan Hawke, Cedric the Entertainer, Victoria Hill

Actor Yûki Kaji, Marina Inoue, Josh Grelle, Bryce Papenbrook

A thousand years ago one boy with a dream of becoming a great warrior is abducted with his sister and taken to a land r away from home. Thrown into a world where greed and injustice rule all Bilal finds the courage to raise his voice and make a change. Inspired by true events this is a story of a real hero who earned his remembrance in time and…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Mamma Mia! Here …Andover

A disgruntled Mexican cop is forced to work with a teenage hacker to hunt down the criminals who killed his wife and dismantle their…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Actor Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez, Kevin James

Best friends George and Harold scheme together a number of pranks at school involving their principal whose alter ego is a superhero they created called Captain…, WIDTH, , FONTFACE, Arial, Tahoma, FONTSIZE, >

Actor Sean Bean, Daragh OMalley, Toby Stephens, Padma Lakshmi