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Veterans of the Super Bowl commercials game know what to expect here, with heavyweights like Budweiser, MMs and others coming up big with memorable offerings meant to compete with what has become a major advertising arms race.

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Look at a documentary offering from Febreze, which doesnt need much of an explanation

Funnily enough, its getting harder and harder to tell the difference between a Super Bowl commercial and an actual movie trailer out of Hollywood.

The modern upshot for companies here is the chance to have the ad live on for much longer than those seconds, though, if it can encourage viewers to share it online over various forms of social media.

Were all willing to sacrifice it all when it comes to protecting our milies. Heres the first look at our original concept film, SKYSCRAPER. THIS SUNDAY during the SuperBowl youll see how r one man will go to protect his wife and children. SKYSCRAPER SUMMER

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On the topic of heroics, viewers can expect aBlack Panthertrailer after a cameo in a Lexus Super Bowl ad

The hundreds of millions literally going into the details surrounding the actual football is interesting to look at ahead of time, as companies go allout in what is now perhaps the single most important event of the year from an advertising perspective.

Its a much more lucrative upside for a company than ever before, which is why someone like Amazon is going allout with the Alexa spot this year

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Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, has signaled his new epic named Skyscraper will have an ad during the game

For many, the football itself is the bonus. Ads, movie trailers and halftime performances coming from a guy like Justin Timberlake are a bigger attraction than a showdown between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots, though the game itself could easily be a classic.

Funny, shareable content like this makes the initial million an inntile number and explains why commercials tell a Hollywoodesque story these days.

Sprinkling in a gigantic announcement alongside a typical movie trailer during the Super Bowl is one way to up the stakes.

Given the efforts of the commercials and movie trailers combined, its hard to imagine observers come away disappointed either way. Theres too much at stake and plenty in the way of innovation and surprises ahead for what is sure to be the best offering in both regards yetuntil next year.

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Which isnt to suggest Hollywood itself has llen behind.

Plenty of major movie trailers will make an appearance during the game. For example, th Century Fox has confirmed an offering for the Jennifer LawrenceledRed Sparrowand dropped a teaser

From the sounds of DAlessandros report, Disney remains as tightlipped as ever, though observers will understandably keep hoping for something from the anticipatedSolo A Star Wars Story. PixarsThe Incredibles is another oftwishedfor trailer ns will keep hoping for Sunday.

And why not? According toSports IllustratedsRichard Deitsch, seconds of screen time for a company runs at an asking price of about  million. According toAd Age, years of Super Bowl commercials comes in at a total spending price tag of . billion so r. Keep in mind that back in during the first Super Bowl, a second spot cost all of ,, .

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Even a memebased ad from Mountain Dew and Doritos boasts gigantic production values and gigantic names thanks to appearances from Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman

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According to DeadlinesAnthony DAlessandro, Netflix will signal some sort of acquisition of Paramount/Bad Robot by releasing a Super Bowl trailer forGod Particle, a sequel toCloverfield.

Commercials keep going more toward the Hollywood route, either filming preview trailers to build hype or even releasing them early outrightif not some combination of both.

Commercials and movie trailers are two of the biggest reasons theSuper Bowlis now a global event.

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