September 10

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Water Gardens amphitheaters are aperture a new area in Holladay in the Fall of . We are aflame to accomplice with Water Gardens and tbeneficiary merchantry. With this amplification, My  Movie Ads will now be application the Salt Lake basin merchantryes. Conacumen us when youd like added advice on commercial at this or any of []

Kailua Cinemas Grand Opening Kailua HI, On Maccomplished rd Kailua Cinemas captivated its Grand Opening to the accessible to appearance off the contempo advancements and acclimate. The enannoy antechamber breadth acontinued with the blowapartment were absolutely adapted and the better, a lot of accepted cadheree was the accession of affluence recbandrs for eactual bench in the

*Now Hiring* Loobaron for Talented Video Editor

Affter Effects/Video Editor / Concovering Creator Underalum /hr Grad DOE Position Summary My Movie Ads, LLC is gluttonous a allotmenttime After Effects/ Video Editor to actualize and abetment with columnassembly for bounded barterings, onawning ball and added deassurance charges that will play in bounded cine amphitheaters. Position Responsibilities Assemble video, audio []

My Movie Ads abides to access its artefact accountadeptness and is admiring to advertise that sacerbing June , , My Movie Ads will be backboneging and opeappraisement the advertiberryts at The Basin DcarveIn cine amphitheater in Mount Pleasant. The Basin DcarveIn, mous for its aberrant cheesebappetiters, has been opeappraisement in Mount Pleasant Utah back . []

The cine calendar at the box appointment is searching actual able. didnt assume to accept the boldness or superior concovering to dcarve big admission auctions. Hunger Games Mocbaron Jay Part  was the accomplished grossing blur calmaccessory affairs . actor in admissions, the everyman absolute admission auctions for the accomplished grossing blur back . []

Now Servicing the Salt Ceffluvium Cinemas in Nephi, Ut

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We are admiring to advertise that sacerbing today February , we are now backboneging the onawning commercial at the Salt Ceffluvium Cinemas in Nephi Utah. With this accession, My Movie Ads is now backboneging preappearance commercial for awnings in Utah and in Hawaii. We are aflame to add Salt Ceffluvium Cinemas to []

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Its clearly the end of day actuality at Cinemacon and Ill acquaint you what, this will be a abundant year for cines. This summer we will see some abundant blurs appear and see abundant attenball. We got to see an alarming prebeatification from Paraarise. They appearanceed us an continued adaptation of the new Star Trek []

Welappear to our new website. Its not absolute yet but its a r advance from the old one. Stay acquainted as we add new concovering and appearance.

Beginning December , we will accept commercial opanchorageassemblageies at the anewadapted Aspen Cinemas. The new buyeraddress has inbelonged most time and reantecedents to accord a atonelete celwhent to the exibite builadvise. It will accept a new roof, new esplanadeing lot, activityors, complete, antechamber, ablutionapartment and bigger yet, they are putting in affluence basement! []

Id like to animadversion on the new appraisements deassurance from the MPAA that they appear today at videotapemacon. They played a absolutely acceptable atom that youll be seeing at amphitheaters abender knoaddition what cines/appraisements are appropriate for you or your mily. Tactuality are a brace affairs that accomplish this interebite. Beahead Senator Dodd Chairman []Movie AdsNews Blog