March 22

Maybe Its movie theater adsAll the Ads? US Theaters See Lowest Movie Attendance in Years

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You have more content on more platforms available more than any other time in our history, said Paul Dergarabedian, a media analyst, cited by m.

Those miliar with the boom and bust cycles of the corporate film industry know that sophisticated online entertainment consumers now simply check sites like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic to see whether they should leave their homes to spend a significant amount of money for popcorn? for soda? only to be bombarded by fifteen minutes of volumeheavy commercials prior to another ten minutes of previews before they can then watch the show they initially paid to see.

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Sputnik/The Very Real Connection Between Hollywood and WashingtonMovie theater tickets sold in the US will hit a year low for and, as Netflix, Amazon and other video streaming platforms drop prices and make inroads into American homes, entertainment options have skyrocketed.

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WATCH Dramatic Footage of First Deadly Accident Involving SelfDriving Uber Car

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Nonetheless, independent locallyowned movie houses showing cult or vintage films in US cities have seen a steady stream of customers, while the firstrun film business scrambles to adapt in an environment that makes it easy for milies particularly milies with children to enjoy an enormous amount of entertainment options without leaving the house.

Venezuela Announces Initial Public Offering of Cryptocurrency Amid US Sanctions

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We Warned You German Air Force Chief Ousted for Promoting F Acquisition

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True Colors WATCH Raw Footage of Syrias Eastern Ghouta Revealed by Russia

Journalist Reveals Prospects of Independence Vote in French Overseas Territory

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From Fatty Arbuckle to Harvey Weinstein The Sex Scandals That Dogged Hollywood

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US Caught Evacuating More Daesh Leaders in Syria State Media

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As online streaming services become increasingly popular, firstrun corporate movietheater chains are seeing a drastic drop in attendance.

US Planning to Launch Attack Against Syrian Army Very Soon Source

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Russian CopterBased Electronic Jammer Spotted in Syria for the st Time PHOTO

Moscow Warns Washington Against Conducting Strike Against Syria

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Hollywoods Golden Geese Top Bankable Movie Stars in

While the movie theater experience remains singular and essential, its not the only game in town, he added.

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