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Kevin Spaceys New Movie Made Only On Inew movie adsts First Day In Theatres

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The film stars Ansel Elgort Baby Driver and Taron Egerton Kingsman, while Spacey plays a supporting role alongside Emma Roberts, Cary Elwes, Judd Nelson, and Billie Lourd.

In the wake of the ual assault allegations, Spacey wasfired fromHouse of Cardsand wasreplaced from another moviejust six weeks before it was released. He was set to play Gore Vidal in a new Netflix movie, but this film was canceled. He is apparently not publicly attached to any upcoming projects.

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Billionaire Boys Clubis playing at eight theaters across the US, with the Metro Movies in Middletown, Connecticut ring the best on Friday with . It is not playing in the New York or Los Angeles markets. It is expected to be the lowestever opening box office for a movie featuring Spacey.

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The movies distributor, Vertical Entertainment, said earlier this year that it was not aware of the distressing allegations of ual assault against Spacey when it produced the movie in . In the end, we hope audiences make up their own minds as to the reprehensible allegations of one persons past, but not at the expense of the entire cast and crew present on this film, the company said.

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The movie made only on its opening day of Friday, August . It made another on August for a twoday haul of ,according to The Hollywood Reporter. The movie was initially released on some videoondemand platforms in July. For the full FridaySunday period, THR says the movie could struggle to make even .

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Kevin Spaceys New Movie Made Only On Its First Day In Theatres

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You might not have even heard of it, but a new movie starring Kevin SpaceyBillionaire Boys Clubopened this past weekend in the US. It did not do well.