March 25

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When you purchase our home cinema seating, we make sure your seats are comforle and durable enough for an allday movie binge. Our seats are equipped with cup holders, and our lounger seats recline for optimal comfort during your movie. We know youre daydreaming right now about the ultimate mily inhome theater. Let us help you make that dream a reality!

An investment in your mily time is never a bad investment. Spending the money on your theater will bring you and your loved ones hours of quality time and entertainment, all in the comfort of your own home. This means that you and your spouse can enjoy a nice glass of wine and not worry about shushing the kids throughout the movie. Youre at home; you can enjoy the movie however you want.

Another feature of our home cinema seats is their comfort. If your kids become restless and bounce around in a public movie theater, it might be due to something other than being bored. Movie theater seats can be bangedup and uncomforle. Theres nothing worse than sitting down in a seat with your popcorn only to feel a spring poking you or have the cushion feel like cement.

With theprices of movie tickets hitting alltime highs, its no wonder people are investing in home theaters. We cannot think of a better way to boost the value of your milys entertainment time than by turning your home theater into an authentic theater. Invest in home cinema seating to give your theater space a real movietheater feel. But you wont have to worry about your comfy seats clashing with the dcor offers home cinema seats in countless s and s.

Home theater systems are becoming more affordable every day, and when you calculate the cost of taking your mily to the cinema,including snacks, its easy to see that a home theater can pay for itself. Tickets and snacks for a mily of four can cost or more, so why not spend that money building your own home cinema instead? Our home cinema seating is highend, yet our prices are lower everyday than many of our competitors sale prices. We offer the best online deal you can find on topnotch seats in either cloth or leather.