August 2

British Newspapers and Magazinesmovie ads in newspapers

UK news aggregator that allows you to search the latest news headlines by category or keyword.

One of the top news providers on the web. News reports are supplemented with audio and video coverage.

Rupert Murdochs loid known for its sensational headlines and pictures of topless girls.

Tabloid, traditionally supportive of the Labour party.

Rightwing loid specialising in pictures of underdressed models.

One of the worlds leading business and politics newspapers with a global outlook.

Online news service providing breaking UK and world news, sport, entertainment and business stories.

Find UK political and parliamentary news, interviews, analysis, comment, blogs and podcasts.

Slightly conservative, the oldest British national daily.

Newspaper of the Communist Party of Great Britain.

Platform for the best student journalism. Written by student journalists from across the UK to bring the best coverage from campuses in the UK.

Latest news, business, sport, comment, life and culture.

British top satirical magazine. Also runs gossip and investigative material.

Evening newspaper brought to you by the publishers of theDaily Mail. Complete London entertainment guide.

British magazine publishing a range of dissident views.

London based journal covering politics, economics, and culture of a contemporary nonconformism.

UK oldest Sunday newspaper, now linked with the Guardian.

Literary and political magazine, devoted to promoting liberalism across the globe.

Daily paper of the left. Formerly the newspaper of the Communist Party.

Information portal providing daily British news and essential information on living in, working in or moving to UK.

Digital news magazine for the UK that highlights some of the best news and culture content from across the independent web.

Newspaper providing theatre and broadcasting news.

British television news site serving as portal for ITV News, IRN, Channel News, and News.

Indepth coverage of political and economic events throughout the world.

Newspaper for young people and the widestread childrens publication in the country

Provides essential UK and world business news daily.

Daily liberal broadsheet with a wide international coverage.